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It’s time for the 2015 edition of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes — a writing link-up in conjunction with the annual Write 31 Days Challenge.

31 Days is a collaboration of bloggers around the world who decide to post on their own blogs every single day in the month of October.

All the info you need can be found at: write31days.com

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes is a “challenge within the challenge,” so to speak — namely, to post on your blog every day in the month of October, but to write each post in only five minutes flat.

It’s like a month long Five Minute Friday party!

Check out last year’s fun by clicking here.

This year, we’ve added a fun twist — it’s called Readers’ Choice Awards, and all of the prompts were selected by votes that YOU provided!

I tallied up the votes and reserved the top five most popular prompts to use as regular Five Minute Friday prompts in October.

In the schedule, when you see “Five Minute Friday,” it means the prompt will be announced on Thursday evening at 10pm EST that week. Check out our weekly Twitter party on Thursday evenings at #fmfparty as we chat before the prompt is released!

The rest of the prompts were randomly selected from a pool of words provided by those who took advantage of the opportunity to vote.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards:




Here are my posts for this series (click titles for links):

Is Calling Overrated? {Day 1 :: Calling}

Five Minute Friday {Day 2 :: Family}

The Perfect Memory {Day 3 :: Capture}

When You Just Need to Hold the Ones You Love {Day 4 :: Embrace}

Because Every Day is One Step Closer to Eternity {Day 5 :: Home}

When a Vision Becomes Reality :: The Vi Bella Jewelry Story {Day 6 :: Possible}

The Most Overused Word in the English Language? {Day 7 :: Love}

My Girl, Plus a Review for Girls Only {Day 8 :: Purple}

Five Minute Friday {Day 9 :: Trust}

Girl Meets Change {Day 10 :: Ready}

When You Have a Burden that Needs to be Lifted {Day 11 :: Rest}

Do We Make a Run for it, or Wait it Out? {Day 12 :: Storm}

A Prayer for Patience {Day 13 :: Patience}

When Somebody Gives You Wings {Day 14 :: Fly}

When Laughter is a Gift :: {Day 15 :: Laugh}

Five Minute Friday {Day 16 :: Green}

What Do You Have to Offer? {Day 17 :: Offer}

For the Days When You Feel Worthless {Day 18 :: Worth}

What Does it Mean to Honor Your Parents? {Day 19 :: Honor}

Why It’s Helpful to Have a Proper Perspective {Day 20 :: Temporary}

On Seeing Our Smallness {Day 21 :: Wave}

What Do You Value Most? {Day 22 :: Value}

Five Minute Friday :: Joy {Day 23}

The Many Sounds of Silence {Day 24 :: Silence}

What Imprint Do You Want Your Life to Leave? {Day 25 :: Crash}

In Case You Forgot {Day 26 :: Whisper}

The Power of Perhaps {Day 27 :: Perhaps}

One Thing Christians Have that Other People Don’t {Day 28 :: Hope}

For the Days When I Need to be Put Back in My Place {Day 29 :: Sea}

Five Minute Friday :: Bacon {Day 30}

When “Almost” Doesn’t Cut It {Day 31 :: Almost}


Those who are playing along will link up an introductory post (such as a contents page or landing page) below so we can visit their blogs throughout October.

On October 1st at 8am EST, be sure to head over to the official Write 31 Days site to link up in the appropriate category as well!


Participants of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes have the option to:

~ use the list of prompts above;

~ choose their own topics entirely; or

~ try to fit the prompts into a specific theme.


Don’t forget to link up on the Write 31 Days website over here, starting October 1st!


Feel free to ask questions in the comments! Hope you’ll join us!

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