Whenever I hear the word, purple, I think of her.

Whenever I see purple, I think of her.

It’s her favorite color — always has been.

I’ve told you about her before — how she turned ten this year, and how I almost burst from the blessing of getting to be her mom for a whole decade.

She’s motivated, this one. Driven and determined. A persistent little bugger.

She taught herself how to crochet, and just used her own money to purchase a spot at an upcoming craft show, to sell some of her handmade goods.

Not only that, but she sold home baked goods at our garage sale last month, and earned enough to buy herself a violin. She’s never played before, but do you think that’s going to stop her?

Always hatching up new plans to try new things, conquer new goals.

She’s my inspiration.

She pushes me out of mundane, out of routine into adventure. She pokes and prods until I cave and say yes. She plans ahead, scheming and calculating how she can achieve her dreams.

She loves books, and she loves purple.

She’s ten now, and we’re creeping into that pre-teen stage. That phase where all of the sudden hair matters, and fashion is its own category. Boots are in order on a daily basis, even for climbing trees.


We’re on Day 8 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes. Today’s post is unique, because in addition to the five minute free write, you get a book review! And it’s not just ANY book review — it was written by my daughter, just for you.


Here’s my 10-year-old daughter’s review of More For Girls Only! Devotions:

913j5KKBXgLThis book is full of short one-and-a-half to two-page devotions, followed by a Check Up, Things to Do, and a Things to Remember section.

The devotions talk about a lot of things, like “Do you wonder how to make the right decisions?” or “How do you make the right priorities?”

The Check Up has five sentences in a quiz form, then you can rate your own score. There’s a key underneath each one to tell you what your score means.

In the Things to Do section, they give things to do that will help you, if you’re not really good at what they’re saying you should do. The Things to Remember section are things to keep in mind, like a lot of verses from the Bible.

Sometimes I wished the stories were longer, so I could find out how they ended.

I liked this book because it helped me learn new verses that could be helpful, and because I could relate to some of the stories.

I would recommend this book for girls who are already Christians, and girls who aren’t quite sure if they’re Christians yet or not.

It’s a good book!


And my own thoughts on More For Girls Only! Devotions:

I was pleasantly surprised by its content. In my experience, children’s and young adult devotions can be hit or miss. This one really seems solid and easy for this age group (8-12 year-olds) to relate to.

I also appreciated the depth of Scripture verses included in every entry. The length of each devotion is kept quite short, so girls can easily read at least one per day. The range of topics addressed is wide and diverse, yet common and applicable. I’m glad I requested this book for my daughter, and trust that she benefited from it spiritually!


Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Also, this post contains affiliate links.