She stood at the front of a small auditorium in the basement of the Five Minute Friday Retreat house.

We all sat, silent and captivated as she told story after amazing story.

She told us how it all started with one womana woman who dared to believe this dream was possible.

A woman who believes in a big God who can achieve big things for His glory.



She shared pictures of radiant faces, beaming with newfound hope.




Women whose lives have been transformed, because someone believed it was possible.

Now, the dream that became Vi Bella Jewelry, employs artisans in Haiti, Mexico and the U.S., with the vision of giving people a chance at a beautiful life.

People in extreme poverty have been lifted up. Children who weren’t in school are now able to attend. Women who were desperate have found new purpose.

Vi Bella recently launched a brand new catalog.


2015CatalogLaunchMarquee (2)


Amy Breitmann, who joined us at the Five Minute Friday Retreat, shared about a new line called Beloved.





Amy’s name means “beloved,” and for a long time she struggled to see and believe that’s who she really is — beloved in Christ.


Photo Credit: Amy Breittman,

Photo Credit: Amy Breittman,

Now, as Vice President of Marketing for Vi Bella Jewelry, her life is being used to show others just how beloved they are — and how they can lead beautiful lives because of Jesus.


NewCatalog02 (2)

Find Vi Bella Jewelry here:


The catalog can be found online here:






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