Well, you’ve done it.

I should’ve known this would happen. I promise to let you choose the prompts for a whole month, and you go and make this your most voted for word:




That’s why I love you guys.

You’ve become my people. You’re quirky and kind, encouraging and gifted. And a little bit crazy, sometimes.




Look around, and you’ll see the body in this place. You’ll find recent grads and recent retirees. Widows and orphans. Singles, marrieds, and divorcees. Abuse survivors and cancer survivors. Homeschooling mamas and working grandmothers. Students and missionaries, diaper changers and board members.

We are the body, and I adore it.


Photo Credit: Jen Daugherty, faithmustardseed.com

Photo Credit: Jen Daugherty, faithmustardseed.com


So I’ve written you a little love story … It goes a little something like this:



Let me tell you a story.

It goes like this:

Once upon a time, over five years ago, a beautiful woman had a beautiful idea.

She thought to herself, “What can I do with just five minutes?”

Then she didn’t keep her question to herself — she shared it with her people, and they asked themselves the same question.

Then they all gathered together and formed this sort of family, called the Five Minute Friday community. And they’ve been congregating ever since, week after week, for five whole years, even when the address changed and the home changed ownership.

And just as the house key was being passed to the new owner, the builder of the house gave a farewell message with her adorable kiddos. And at the tail end of the video, just as she was about to close the door, one of her boys misheard the word, “Begin,” and yelled out that the word of the week was … “BACON!!”

And the whole family laughed until they cried.

Because this family is one of a kind, they didn’t forget their laughter or their tears. So over a year later, when given the chance to choose their own word, the drew up their laughter and their tears, and they voted for bacon.

Because that’s just how cool (and crazy) they are.



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If you’re new to Five Minute Friday, don’t run away! We love newcomers, and can’t wait to get to know you!

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Can’t wait to read your five minutes of free writing on BACON!

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