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It happens to me often — and it usually has something to do with the beach, a sunset, or other outdoor beauty, and almost always involved my kids.

It’s those moments when you wish you had a perfect memory that captured not only color, light and reflection, but also sound, intonation, texture, and taste.

Those moments you want to freeze forever and even if you had a camera or a video recorder, you just know the attempted reproduction wouldn’t do justice to the reality.




But still, I try.

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To capture the taste of the air, the smell of that shirt squished against my cheek in a not-tight-enough embrace, the contagious ring of my kids’ belly laughs and incessant giggles.

And I thank God that one day, not only will my memory be made new, but the wonder and sensations experienced in this life will be but a shadow compared to the life to come.

Imagine what the so-called perfect sunset on earth will look like magnified in heavenly glory.



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