Perhaps is a loaded word.

A powerful word.

Not powerful in its punch, but rather its quiet presence. Powerful in the way it is trailed by an invisible ellipsis and a lingering question mark.

Perhaps is powerful in the way it commands attention from the future.

It’s powerful in the infinite possibilities that could come after it. What follows could be absolutely anything.


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Perhaps you’ll be a movie star one day. Perhaps you’ll live on the street.

Perhaps you’ll have children. Perhaps you’ll spend your life in a longing unfulfilled.

Perhaps you’ll get married and live happily ever after. Perhaps you’ll endure unthinkable tragedy and heartache.

Perhaps makes me feel small.

It makes me realize how very little I actually know. It makes me wonder. It fills me with unanswered questions.

There is only one who isn’t bothered by perhaps. I doubt it even exists in His vocabulary.

[Tweet “There is no “perhaps” with God.”]

He is a God who knows all. He never wonders. He never questions Himself, His purposes, or the future.

He is a God of order, of absolutes, of foreknowledge.

For Him, there are no ellipses, no question marks. Only full stops and exclamation points.

He hears our perhaps and He smiles, because He knows exactly how the story ends.

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