When my kids ask me what super power I wish I possessed, I always give them the same answer: “I’d like to be able to fly.”

Over a year ago, a friend showed me that it’s possible.

She showed me my wings, gave me a little nudge, and pushed me out of the nest.

Has anyone ever done that for you?

When Lisa-Jo Baker asked me to take over as host of the Five Minute Friday community, she took a great risk.

I’d never done anything like that before, and Five Minute Friday was her baby.

What if I failed? What if I spread my wings, flapped furiously a few times, and fell flat on my face?

But Lisa-Jo nudged anyway, risks and all.

She could’ve kept Five Minute Friday to herself. Or, if she couldn’t manage the time commitment anymore, she could’ve let it die, with her name still branded on the side.

Instead, she was content to pass it on, and let someone else take to the sky.

I never would’ve ventured out of the nest on my own.

And I know I haven’t soared as gracefully or as masterfully as she did. I never will — and that’s okay.

Because in giving me the space to extend my wings, Lisa-Jo has given me so much more.

She’s shown me the gift it is to give someone else a chance to fly. She’s shown me that there’s nothing wrong with watching someone else soar.


There's nothing wrong with watching someone else


Best of all, she helped me to see that flying is no feat of my own strength.

It’s a pure gift.

It all comes as part of the package labeled “hope.”


Those who hope in the Lord ... will soar on wingslike eagles ... ~ Isaiah 40_31


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He’s the one who lifts us up, to carry His glory across the skies and beyond.


[Tweet “”Those who hope in the Lord … will soar on wings like eagles …” ~ Isaiah 40:31″]


Who can you encourage today? Who needs you to show them that they have wings to fly?


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