“Ooh, I love your dress!”

“I love rainy days.”

“Don’t you just love her hair?”

“I loved your blog post!”

“Chocolate is my love language.”

Do you ever get tired of it? This word that is used and somewhat abused, over and over and over again in pretty much any and every context imaginable?

I can hardly point any fingers. I’m guilty as charged. I use the word “love” way. too. much.

So much that it loses its meaning? Its depth? Its sincerity?

The media has certainly succeeded in diminishing its meaning, if our own daily language usage hasn’t.

We can hardly turn on the TV without being bombarded by so-called love stories and scenes.

The truth is, love sells.

But at what cost?

In spite of its profuse appearances in a multitude of forms in our language, online and in the media, the vast majority of these expressions will pass away.

Only one will remain, for “the grass withers and the flowers fade, but the Word of God stands forever” (Isaiah 40:8).

Do you want to know what love is?


Love {Day 7}



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