Hi everyone!

I hope you’re sitting down, because I’ve got some super exciting news to share with you in this week’s edition of Five Minute Friday. Read slowly, I don’t want you to miss a thing!

This week I’m thrilled to share this FMF Intro video interview with the lovely Holly Barrett.

It has been a sheer joy to get to know Holly a bit better these past few weeks, as we’ve worked together plotting and praying about a possible FMF Retreat. She has been a tremendous help to me, and I’m so grateful for her willingness to serve in this way!

Of course most of you are probably familiar with Holly already, as she is an active FMF community member, and is well known on Twitter as the faithful “early prompt prompter” during #fmfparty on Thursday nights. 🙂

Holly blogs at hollybarrett.org, where she hosts a weekly link-up called Testimony Tuesday — be sure to click over to check it out, and join her next week!

Without further ado, here’s Asheritah from OneThingAlone.com interviewing Holly (oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to Asheritah’s YouTube channel by clicking here .. you’ll get first dibs on all the upcoming videos!)


(If you can’t see the video, click here.)


I know Holly mentions in her interview that she couldn’t share details about the FMF Retreat yet, but guess what?!


The first EVER Five Minute Friday Retreat is happening August 7th-9th just outside Nashville, Tennessee!


FMF Retreat 2015 logo



More details will be revealed in coming weeks, but in the meantime, save the dates!!

And go ahead and subscribe to this blog in the sidebar on the right, follow the Five Minute Friday page on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter @k8motaung so you don’t miss any info!


In the spirit of excitement for August, this week’s FMF prompt is:


FMF - Gather


If you’re new to Five Minute Friday, everything you need to know about it can be found right over here.

Ready? GO.


It’s been happening for years now.



Week after week, writers gather brave.


We huddle up and bait our hooks. We string sentences and fling the lines far and fast into the vast ocean called the internet.


It started with one bold step of faith back in January 2011 — a question, really: What can you write in five minutes flat?
And through the faithful labor of its founder, Five Minute Friday has been sustained.

The lamp continues to burn.


We’ve laughed together and cried together. Prayed for one another and rejoiced over shared news. So far, it’s all been through the glorious connecter called the internet.
Until now.
Avatars will become faces colored by the sun, and there will be voices. Loud, laughing voices and quiet, reflective voices.
We’re gathering because this is more than just a weekly writing exercise. This has become an expanding circle of friendship and admiration, of encouragement and hope.
At long last, it’s finally happening. We’re going to gather beyond the screen.
And I can’t wait.





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71 thoughts on “five minute friday :: gather {plus a video interview *and* news about the first ever fmf retreat!}

  1. You know what? Even though it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to go (unless God blesses us in a big way financially, which He could totally do), I’m still excited for this. There’s just something so special about this community of people. There’s such realness and openness and genuine love. How amazing that will be in person!

  2. I love Holly’s interview! How awesome-she’s a pro! As for the retreat-well you know how I feel about that too! 🙂 I agree that this community gathers because we have this bond and circle of friendship and it is so much fun! Thanks Kate for keeping the lamp burning.

  3. […] I’m honored to have been interviewed for a Five Minute Friday Video Introduction. Click HERE to read Kate Motaung’s post and see the video. The lovely Asheritah Ciuciu is the host and we […]

  4. Kate (and Holly!)–how exciting to know there truly is a retreat in the works! I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it, but iIm praying about it, for sure. It’s fun (and brave) to gather with people you’ve only “met” online. I’m loving getting to know people here at FMF.

    • We’re loving getting to know you, Jeanne! Would love to see you on one of the upcoming FMF Intro videos! 😉 Would be so great if you could join us at the retreat as well!

  5. Good gravy you lead well Kate! I LOVE the video intros and wow, a real life retreat. Dang. I love everything about this. Except the fact that I don’t know if I could make it. But I LOVE knowing this is happening. Just so much wow.

    love your biggest fan

    • Kate is the bomb!! And we are praying that you might, maybe, pretty please be able to make the retreat. Can’t imagine you not being there. It’s gonna be epic!! (Do people say that anymore? Oh well, I’m a nerd!)

    • I just love the way Kate’s taken this community and run with it. So very excited for the videos, the retreat, and so many wonderful things still in store!

    • Oh Lisa-Jo, you always know just what to say. I’m still in shock that you entrusted me with your baby .. but so, so grateful. It has been nothing but a joy and an honor to keep the FMF community alive and well, after all of your labor and inspiration in birthing this fabulous group. You’re the best.

  6. So. Excited! I’ve got the dates marked – here’s hoping everything comes together. I believe if the Lord wills me to be there, I will be there. Thank you for your faithfulness to this community!

  7. I’ll be there if

    a) I’m still alive

    b) I can travel

    c) I have the money

    d) my wife can mind the dog sanctuary alone for a few days (one of us has to be here…can’t travel together)

    Honestly, I’m hesitant, because my words are one thing…but in person, I’m not like this. I’m the almost silent Chinaman in wraparound Oakleys and a black t-shirt, who’s suddenly THERE and then not. My wife says I scare people. That used to be my job, and I was good at it.

    I don’t want to scare y’all.

    • Hi Andrew ~
      Good to see you here again! Though I regret that I failed to mention in my announcement that this particular retreat is going to be reserved for ladies only. Hope you understand. We so appreciate your presence here within the FMF community! Grateful for your contributions, and pray that you’ll keep joining us in the weekly link-ups as you’re able!

  8. This is so exciting. I doubt I’ll be able to go, but am hoping and praying you can webcast so I can at least feel like I’m taking part. So fun!

  9. Lisa Jo took the words right out of my mouth, I was just thinking, “Wow, Kate has done such a good job hosting this 5 minute Friday!” and presto, Lisa Jo said it and others chimed in. Bravo for you Kate. And HOW FUN to see beautiful Holly there on the video with Asheritah! (Wish I could go to the retreat, I’ll have to weigh it in the corner of my mind a while. First year dealing with college tuition for man child…)

  10. It’s been such a joy to watch all the ways this FMF community has grown and allowed for so many friendships. It’s just a beautiful thing. And while I don’t participate (I simply cannot write for only five minutes), I do love reading all the fabulous posts that come from one single prompt word. Blessings to you as you prepare for this retreat. And btw, LOVE Holly Barrett!! <3

  11. […] FMF Prompt: gather. Today’s post comes from my struggle to open a water bottle. This is my thought pattern while turning the cap: “I got this. It’s moving. Almost there. The water is really high. Now it’s stuck. Maybe if I turn this way. Moving. Stuck, ( have to give everything the death grip.. my hand looks like it’s giving the sign for “I love you.” Please open..” Then, I sigh and make some distance between me and this bottle, before asking for help. […]

  12. Oh yes… this: “We’re gathering because this is more than just a weekly writing exercise. This has become an expanding circle of friendship and admiration, of encouragement and hope.
    At long last, it’s finally happening. We’re going to gather beyond the screen.
    And I can’t wait.” I am praying and hope to make it but even if I am unable to attend (this year… you see what I did there?) – I will be rejoicing with all of you who are gathered face to face!

    • You are so sweet, Karrilee … Of course, we would jump up and down if you were able to make it. But yes, this is just the first one .. Maybe west coast next year?? 🙂 The Lord knows. 🙂

  13. I am praying that this “just outside of Nashville” is Murfreesboro!! I am in Indiana but my son and DIL live there and either way, I am hoping the dates work out for me to be make it. I would love to meet you all in person!! ♥

  14. I am so thrilled by the prospect of meeting this amazing community face to face. So many have become like sisters to me and it’s just a God-inspired idea to put us in the same place. I mean, can you just imagine the fun!! Praying fast that God paves the way! Thanks Kate and Holly for the leg work!

  15. So excited. This group of women have blessed me beyond words! This is indeed an expanding circle of friendship.

  16. Oh MY! I’m so excited about the retreat! Middle TN is definitely do-able for me and August is definitely do-able! I have been so blessed by many of these ladies (and some gents) it would be wonderful to face to face!

  17. Here is my Five Minute Friday post GATHER-
    We all flew in to gather in her hospital room, in two’s and threes.Population growing exponentially when the nurses and dotors would come in to see her. We didn’t know that before 24 hours was up that we would be gathering all together around her bedside. Hand in hand with those next to us and hand in hand with hers.
    REalizing then that would be the last time we would gather together with her.
    Then comes the limbo time. Back to reality but not fully in.Rejoined with children and spouse, awaitng the final gathering . Together, as we are on the receiving end of those gathered around us. Their sorrow, their condolences. Gathering one last time with her present in body but not in soul. Together we will grieve. Alone , though thoughts run rampant. The ‘what’ if’s”plaguing my mind.

    • So very sorry for your loss, Carol. Grateful that you were able to gather in those final moments, and yet nothing can make it any easier. Praying as you gather again today and tomorrow with loved ones to celebrate her life and continue to grieve and mourn. Thank you for writing and sharing with us. May the God of all comfort continue to comfort and strengthen you, now and always. xx

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