As we wind up another year that will soon go down into the books, I thought it would be good to spend a bit of time reflecting on the past year as a Five Minute Friday community.

Before we kick of our reflective free write, two quick announcements.

Below is schedule for the rest of this month and the beginning of next year:




As you can see, next week will be our final Five Minute Friday link-up of 2015 (sniff). We’ll take a two-week break over Christmas and New Year’s, and we’ll be back — refreshed, energized, and bursting to write — on January 8th, 2016.

However, since I know some of you may experience withdrawal symptoms without FMF for two weeks in a row (okay, who am I kidding — I know *I* will be experiencing withdrawal from missing all of you), I’ve scheduled two special edition link-ups during the holiday period.

Most Memorable Posts of 2015

Join us on Monday, December 28th, with a list of the most memorable blog posts you read this past year. The posts that stuck with you long after your eyes left the screen, the ones you still think about from time to time. Your list can be as long as you like — top ten most memorable posts, twenty, five … whatever. Type them out into a post on your own blog, including links to the posts you’ve named, then come link up your list! Can’t wait to see which words impacted you most this past year!

Books I Read in 2015

On Wednesday, December 30th I’ll be posting a list of books I read this past year. I’d love to see your list! Tap the titles into a blog post, and share the list with us on the 30th!


Secondly, I’d love to get your feedback in this anonymous, three-question survey. Click here to share your input on how we can make Five Minute Friday even better! Thanks in advance for your time!

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Okay! Announcements over. It’s time to write! Set your timer for five minutes and get ready to: 




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Ready? GO.

We’ve had quite the year here in the Five Minute Friday community, haven’t we?

We’ve written on numbers and colors. We’ve planned, gathered, welcomed, sent, waited, feared, hoped, followed, and celebrated. We’ve risen, hidden, dreamed and doubted.

We’ve been weary and full of joy.

We’ve rejoiced with friends celebrating pregnancies and new babies, and we’ve prayed and mourned for those who are ill.

We made history with our first ever Five Minute Friday retreat. Friendships were forged, hearts were soldered together.


Photo from Mary Geisen,

Photo from Mary Geisen,

Photo courtesy of Melinda Hollis

Photo courtesy of Melinda Hollis


We partnered with the fabulous work and people behind ViBella Jewelry and Fistbump Media.

We got to know each other through FMF Video Introductions, hosted by our dear Asheritah at

We’ve had giveaways and top ten lists.

We partied on Twitter like there was no tomorrow.

We survived our second annual month of crazy, in which we wrote not just once a week, but every single day for 31 days straight.

We may have fallen off the edge at the end, when we wrote about bacon. Oh yes, we did. We wrote about bacon

We processed news events together, and huddled around promises to hold us up, a sturdy raft in unpredictable waters.

We made welcome, gather, break, keep, and learn the five most-viewed FMF posts of 2015. 

Perhaps most notable of all is that all of the reflections above start with “We.”

By the grace of God, the “we” became stronger, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Five Minute Friday would be nothing without the “we.” We’re in this together, and I thank God for every single one of you who make up the “we.”

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Share your own five minute reflection below — then click the blog linked up before yours, and leave some comment love! 

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