You guys!  I am SO EXCITED by how many of you have said you’re going to take up the challenge I put forth last week to join The Nester’s 31 Days!  Like, seriously, it totally made my week.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, The Nester started an annual challenge to bloggers six years ago — namely, to write and post on your blog every day in the month of October.

This year I’ve issued a challenge to all of YOU beloved Five Minute Friday fanatics to do the same, but with a twist — to write each of your 31 Days posts in just five minutes each.

It’s like a month-long FMF party!


Just this week, The Nester launched a brand new website that is dedicated solely to 31 Days!  All the info you could possibly need can be found at:  Waste no time!  Go check it out!  Also, if you’re a social media junkie, the hashtag for this year is #write31days AND there is even a Facebook group called 31 Dayers!

I’ve also done my level best to explain the process on this page right over here.

If you’re up for the challenge of writing 31 posts in five minutes each, as so many of you brave souls have already indicated, you have a couple of options:

1) You can use the one-word prompts that I’ve provided for you over here; or

2) You can write on whatever you please.

If you have a specific theme or topic that you’re planning to focus on (whether you use my prompts or not), you can link up on the Write 31 Days website sometime between October 1st-5th.  If you opt to do this, you’ll need a button that advertises your topic (button info can be found here).

Whether you have a specific topic or not, if you’re planning to write all of your posts in five-minute increments, we want to know about it!  Your chance to link up on this blog will start on September 30th, where you’re welcome to link up a “landing page” or an introductory post that will direct the rest of us to your 31 Days series.

Confused yet?  😉  Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

But now .. It’s time for Five Minute Friday!  My favorite part of the week ..

And this week, I’ve found a Featured Five Minute Friday post I think you’ll love .. It’s a birth story, and it reminded me so much of Lisa-Jo Baker’s book, Surprised by Motherhood.  In her post, Lizzy Ainsworth talks about how she was so ready for labor and childbirth.  So ready.  Read what happened next by clicking here.

Now, for the word of the week ..

This week, I present to you the prompt ..


FMF - Hold

Set your timers, and let’s … GO.


Engraved 2


Hold out your palm, flat and in the sun, with no shadows.

Let me trace the story etched in the skin.  Let me feel the faded scars with my fingertips and infuse them into the paper of my soul.  Let me read between the lines, deep into the crevasses and far along the contour of the bends.

Hold out your palm, steady and strong so I can lean into it when the wind threatens to blow, and the clouds roll by.  Hold it dry when the rain falls and warm when my heart grows cold.

Hold it high so I can soar with wings like an eagle’s.  Hold it low to the ground so I can still find it there when I step out from the ashes, dusty and ashamed.

Hold it smooth when my edges are rough, and let it curve to catch me when I stumble and fall.  Hold it still so I know it doesn’t change, and let it carry.

Hold it quiet so I can rest and soft so I can lay my head down in the cushion of your grace.

Hold me safe. 


I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.” (John 10:28)


It’s your turn … Show us what you’ve got by adding your link below ..


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51 thoughts on “five minute friday :: hold

  1. You know, I love how this post starts out-so much EXCITEMENT! And of course, every time I see you talk about 31 Days, it makes me all the more excited for it!

    Really, this is a beautiful reminder of how He’s always there, ready to hold us right when we need it. What an incredible blessing!

  2. “Hold it low to the ground so I can still find it there when I step out from the ashes, dusty and ashamed.”…love this. This whole piece was so tangible. so human. i loved it!

  3. Kate, it’s amazing to think that He holds us in His hands & NO ONE can snatch us from that very place of safety. It was beautiful to me to read this reassurance this morning. Blessings!
    PS – My 31 days last year was based on the single word “hold” & I truly could not believe all that I learned on just that one word. I am looking forward to the challenge again & to all God has for each one of us.

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  6. Hold. Hold On! Lord help me to hold on. Sometimes it is hard. Sometimes my arms tire from the struggle. The battle seems overwhelming. Oh Lord, You are holding on to me. You will never let go. I don’t need to struggle so hard. You are my Rock, my Refuge, my Hiding Place. You are my Defense. When the storms roll in, the rivers rise, the fires burn hot, You are there. You are holding this world in it’s place. You placed us in this time and space. You hold us ALL. Even those who do not know You are kept from flying off into space because YOU hold us. What an awesome God you are. Help me to remember. Help me to Let Go and Let God! Let you be God, and not try to be that myself. Help me to remember You will NEVER let me go. You will uphold me with your strong and mighty right hand. I can be strong and courageous. I need not be afraid. Praise be to God. STOP

  7. I am in near ’bout awe of all of you – 5 Minute posts – I can barely get my ‘new post’ screen opened in that amount of time. Y’all keep writing; I am enjoying the reading!!!

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