31 days of life in south africa

It’s time for 31 Days!

Every October, The Nester hosts a mega link-up for bloggers worldwide who are slightly out of their mind or maybe just a little overambitious — namely, those who decide to write 31 blog posts in 31 days.

Last year was my first time joining in, and I wrote on Defining Home in 31 Days.  Those posts can be found here.

This year I’m adding a new twist. 

As the new host of Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday, I’m issuing a challenge to writers to write 31 blog posts, five minutes at a time.

It’s like a month-long Five Minute Friday!

Those who are playing along will link up on a different page on September 30th so we can visit their blogs throughout October and share some comment love.

Participants of the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes have the option to choose their own theme, use the prompts I’ve listed below, or some combination of the two.

This year I’ll be writing each of my posts in five minutes on the theme:

31 Days - 2014 logo

For those who like to plan ahead, here’s the road map:

Moving to Africa  {Day 1 :: Move} 
My First Glimpse {Day 2 :: View}
Five Minute Friday and a Giveaway {Day 3 :: New}
Learning to Drive {Day 4 :: Learn}
Coasting Downhill {Day 5 :: Stuck}
Africa: How Cold Can It Get?  {Day 6 :: Know}
Sending and Being Sent {Day 7 :: Go}
Lost in Translation {Day 8 :: Say}
A South African Wedding {Day 9 :: Join}
Five Minute Friday and a Giveaway {Day 10 :: Care}
You’ll Just Have to Learn {Day 11 :: Teach}
Rest is Good {Day 12 :: Rest}
Dear Zola {Day 13 :: Work}
Gone {Day 14 :: Away}
A Birth Story {Day 15 :: Life}
Parenting Across Cultures {Day 16 :: Adjust}
Five Minute Friday and a Giveaway {Day 17 :: Long}
When a Kitchen Unites Cultures {Day 18 :: Taste}
When a Leader is Honored {Day 19 :: Honor}
A Break-in {Day 20 :: Fear}
Stolen {Day 21 :: Second}
Beauty in the Unexpected – A Guest Post {Day 22 :: Expect}
Searching for the Key {Day 23 :: Look}
Five Minute Friday and a Giveaway {Day 24 :: Dare}
Just Enjoy It {Day 25 :: Enjoy}
Top Ten to Visit in Cape Town {Day 26 :: Visit}
A Little Bit Like Me? – A Guest Post {Day 27 :: Free}
A Tswana Funeral {Day 28 :: Wake}
The African Wedding {Day 29 :: Unite}
My First Hike Up Table Mountain {Day 30 :: First}
Five Minute Friday and a Giveaway {Day 31 :: Leave}

If you’re joining the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes bandwagon please link up your introductory post over here! (Link-up ended October 31st, 2014)