Calling all writers!

I have a challenge for you.

A big one.

Disclaimer: Should you choose to accept it, you may experience days in the month of October when you don’t like me very much.

It’s called 31 Days.

Maybe you’ve heard of it.  Maybe you’ve even done it before.  It’s a writing challenge doled out and hosted by The Nester every year in the month of October.  You can read more about it over at the brand new site, Write 31 Days.

The challenge is to write (and preferably post on your blog) EVERY DAY in October.

Are you up for it?

What better way to sharpen and hone those writing skills, hey?

This year I’m adding a little twist for the Five Minute Friday crew — a challenge within the challenge, so to speak.

Here it is: Write a post every day in October in just five minutes.

It’s like Five Minute Friday every day in October.

Who’s with me?

If you’re game, here’s how it will work:

* You can choose whether or not you want to write on the same one word prompts I will be using.  If you do want to use my prompt suggestions, you can find my list and schedule by clicking here.

* You have the freedom to choose the topic of your posts each day. You could choose a broad theme and try to stick within those boundaries; you could write fiction and keep adding to the story in five-minute snippets each day; the possibilities are endless, as long as you write each post within five minutes.  🙂

* There WILL still be the usual Five Minute Friday prompts and link-up that will be revealed and go live on Thursday nights at 10pm in October.

* Unlike the usual Five Minute Friday rules, you ARE allowed to edit these posts, but do your best to keep them within a typical five-minute word count.

* If you plan to participate, you will have to create a blog button.  Last September, I didn’t even know what a button was, besides the ones on my husband’s work shirts, so if this part throws you into a frenzy, don’t despair.  The Nester has some templates and more info for you to use right over here.  I personally like to use the free services of PicMonkey to design my graphics.

* If you have your own topic that can be easily differentiated from others, you can use your individual button to add your introductory link to the 31 Days link-up.  I will also have a link-up on this site on September 30th for any of you who are planning to write all of your posts in five-minute chunks, whether you have a theme or not.

Last year I wrote on Defining Home in 31 Days.  This year my topic is 31 Days of Life in South Africa.  You can also find some brilliant inspiration from last year’s themes over here.

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!  Stay tuned for more details as the time draws closer.  And yes, you are allowed to plan ahead and write in advance … or, you’re welcome wait till October and just fly by the seat of your pants.  🙂

So take a deep breath of bravery, muster up that courage, and ..


Just Write


But today, I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that you’re actually here for Five Minute Friday.

Am I right?

If it’s your first time linking up with this flurry of five-minute writers, everything you need to know is right over here.

It has been SUCH fun to read about so many newbies to this fabulous community.  In fact, I’ve chosen one such first-timer as this week’s Featured Five Minute Friday.  Everyone click over and show her some love, hey?

As an honorable mention, this refrain written by Marcy has stayed with me all. week. long .. “I’ll whisper you to the end of love.”

This week, the prompt is:


FMF - Ready




I was still a rookie in the game called marriage when the two pink lines on the white stick told me I wasn’t ready.  My knee jerk reaction was myself, and I wasn’t ready to give up the life I knew to give new life to another.  “But we’ve only been married four months,” I complained, “… and I’m only 23!”


The tears welled up in my mom’s eyes as she lay in bed, too weak to rise.  My sister and I knelt on either side, and we all knew it was time.  Time for her to stop the chemo treatments after four consecutive years.

Time for her to resign herself.

And she was ready.

Not ready to leave her girls behind, but ready to give up her life on earth in exchange for life eternal.

Ready only because of the selfless sacrifice of One who gave up the life He knew to give life to His children.  He alone was her anchor of hope, firm and secure.

And by His grace He made me ready.  Ready for her suffering to end, and mine to begin in a whole new way, until we meet again in glory.




Writing this post made me realize afresh that while I may not feel ready for any number of things from day to day, there is really only one thing in life we need to be ready for.

Are you ready?


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