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So, this week, I have a confession to make:

I didn’t choose a Featured Five Minute Friday post this time around.  {begs on hands and knees for forgiveness}

We were away for Labor Day weekend with no internet or cell phone reception, then the kids started school this week and ohmygoodness, is anyone else trying to catch their breath while just barely holding on by the skin of their teeth to the promise of the weekend?

Me, too.  Hence my excuse for no Featured FMF from last week’s prompt.


There is a but.

To counter the mild disappointment, have you heard the AMAZING news??

The first phase of the Maubane Community Center in South Africa has been fully fundedIncredible, hey??  Mad props to Lisa-Jo Baker for dreaming up the project, and to all of you generous hearts who have given it wings.  Click here to see photos of some of the first phases of the project, including a water point and a vegetable garden for a very special community in South Africa.  And praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

Also, MORE exciting news is that the Surprised by Motherhood Book Club starts on Monday!!  I’ll be hosting my own group in real life, and plan to post some of our discussion points on the blog as well.  We’d love to have you join us!



Now for the prompt for this week.

So far in my first four weeks of hosting, we’ve written on FILL, TELL, CHANGE, and REACH, and this week our prompt is:


FMF - Whisper 2


Annnnnnd …



The noise presses in from every side.

It’s a new school year, and the race is on.  Voices coming from countless handouts, forms to sign, lunches to make, bags to pack, shoes to buy.  And I lift my chin to get a breath before my head goes under, swirling in the demands and delights of the busy life of a mom.

But deep down, my mind sneaks off and tiptoes across the miles to the land that holds my heart in the palm of its hand.  I find myself daydreaming about Africa, and the noise quiets to a restful calm.

I think about Table Mountain in the Mother City, and how still, after ten years of seeing her every day, she still takes my breath away.



I think about how the sun slips behind Her Majesty and melts into the sea, leaving soft shadows to cover the city bowl like a handmade quilt.  Patches of culture stitched together, and the gravel at the side of the road where the whispers of the heart are stored, overlooking the grand display of city lights below the stars.



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44 thoughts on “five minute friday :: whisper

  1. It’s so exciting to see the first stage of Lisa-Jo’s community center FUNDED! AWESOME!!!

    Also….glad to hear I’m not the only one daydreaming about Africa, missing the Kalahari quiet. 🙂 Where whispers sound loudly over the empty veld.

  2. Montana keeps whispering my name ;). There’s something about living in a truly grand place that catches your soul and imagination and when you think of heaven, THAT’S the place you imagine that it must be like.

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  4. Thank you for these Five Minute Friday prompts.

    You mentioned Table Mountain in your post, and I have to tell you I’d love to visit Cape Town and go up Table Mountain! I’ve heard you can get a cable car up there. One of my best friends is from CT (we’ve only ever met online) and my dream is to go up with her.

  5. Ahhhh I just love the picture you posted – because that’s my home!! Whooppeee!
    I am so proud and blessed to be a born and bred 5th generation paternal and 8th generation maternal Capetonian, roots run deep here and oh yes – she takes my breath away! Loved the post today and loved the prompt. Blessings

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  7. Your words make me want to go there and find the peace and the calm. I live in the mountains and love them, but you made me long to experience something new. Thank you for your words today.

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