Yay!  You’re back!  It’s that time of the week again … Time for our crazy, unedited flash mob free write!

If you’re not sure how Five Minute Friday works, all the details are right over here.

And remember how I mentioned last week that this week was a big week for Lisa-Jo Baker, founder of this amazing FMF community?  It was her 40th birthday on Tuesday, and I mentioned that the Maubane Community Center in South Africa was still in need of $4,472 as of last week Thursday.  Well … Money-Saving Mom, bless her heart, has shared the need with her readers, and today the number dropped down to $869!  Can you believe it?!  She’s got some great offers for those who are willing and able to give $20 or $40 to close that gap and finish off the project — including a copy of Lisa-Jo Baker’s Surprised by MotherhoodClick on over and check it out.



Speaking of Surprised by Motherhood, did you hear about the book club??  Starting the week after Labor Day (September 8th), Lisa-Jo is going to be hosting a six-week online back to school book club for moms — no homework necessary!  😉



Mark your calendars, get a copy of the book, and don’t miss it!

Before we start writing, did you catch the Featured Five Minute Friday in the sidebar this week?  I just adored the story shared by Happy Go Stuckey on last week’s prompt, CHANGE.

This week, the prompt is:

FMF - Reach




How I wish I could reach right through this computer screen and rest my hand on your knee.  Sit with you in the shadow of the monument of His wings and tell you it’s going to be okay.




How I long to reach across the miles and wrap my arms around you, cover you like a weeping willow and hold you in your grief.  To scoop you out of the dusty quarry and lift you to the peak, until you can rest on the ridge and see the full landscape of grace.

Table Mountain 3

How I wish I could sit with you and let our tea get cold and my eyes shed your tears until they run dry and your story is told and your chest is relieved of the burden.

But instead I resign to sing you a heartsong in the darkness of night, so the clouds that conceal heaven itself might drift across the sky and rain notes of life down into your tired soul.




Because while my arms are too short to reach you now, His are ever present.  For Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens; your faithfulness stretches to the skies.  So make my words suffice and make them Your love, and make them stretch.  Make them reach.  Make them hold tight, and bring comfort to Your weary ones.




All right … reach into the depths and draw out your best five minutes, then show us what you’ve got in the link-up below.

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