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Welcome to Five Minute Friday!

I’m so thrilled you’re here.  As you may have heard, last week was my first week hosting this amazing community, after the fabulous Lisa-Jo Baker founded Five Minute Friday and hosted it on her blog for the past four years.

And speaking of Lisa-Jo, have you heard what the Lord is doing through her and through this amazing blog community?  It’s BIG, you guys.  Really bigClick here to be part of it.

But first, let me just tell you, I loved reading your words last week as you FILLED the internet with stories of how you fill your time, how the Lord fills you with His Spirit, how He fills the empty cracks in your lives.  Well done, you guys .. well done.  (And did you notice the Featured Five Minute Friday post in the sidebar over there?)

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All righty, whenever you’re ready, set your microwave timer the ol’ fashioned way like I do, and ..


I opened the birthday card, the one from the family at church that we’ve only known for 18 months, and “We love you, Kate,” it said.

And my heart stepped back at the words, because they show it everyday, but this time they said it.

And I couldn’t help but think, “Why don’t we tell people more often what we think of them, and what they mean to us?”

Why do we so often save those words for funerals, for eulogies when it’s all too late?

Why don’t we even tell God, for that matter?

So I decided it’s time.

It’s time to sway to the rhythm of Lauryn Hill and tell Him.  Tell Him that we need Him.  Tell Him that we love Him.

Tell of His marvelous deeds, His amazing ways.

Tell it wide, tell it deep.

Whisper it to dirty cheeks resting on Spiderman pillows and sing them to sleep with the words.

Tell it to the scraped knees and the hungry tummies.

Tell them love.

Tell it in the cracks and between the shards, in the empty cisterns and in the echoes of the heart.

Tell it to the broken and tell it to the whole.

Tell them grace.

Tell it to the smiles and tell it to the tears and the hurts and the happy.

Tell them heaven.

Tell them hope.




Postscript: I wrote this post on Monday afternoon, just hours before the tragic news broke about the death of Robin Williams.  Suddenly social media erupted with messages of admiration for the actor, including challenges by Ann Voskamp to tell people what they mean to you before it’s too late.  She tweeted with the hashtag #BecauseRobin and thanked people for the impact they’ve had on her life.

I had actually chosen and written on a different word for this week before Monday, and scrapped the whole thing, sensing a burden for this word at this particular time.

It’s no accident that this post appears now, this week, for such a time as this.

Tell them heaven.  Tell them hope.  And then tell them again.



Don’t forget to click here to check out the action over at Lisa-Jo’s .. Because telling with words is one thing, but when you tell with action, your words will come alive.

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