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So here’s the thing. I don’t write about politics. Like, ever.

Sure, I have my opinions and convictions but I guess I just don’t feel the need to air them. So this really isn’t meant to be “a political post” or to stir up any heated debate.

It’s just that, like many of you, I watched Obama’s farewell speech this week.

And yes, I cried.

Right around the time he said the word, “Michelle,” I couldn’t blink back the tears any longer.

Here’s what I took away from that speech:

1. Be the change




2. Embrace differences


And thirdly, not so much from the content of the speech itself but from the aftermath:

3. Sometimes it’s okay to meet in the middle.

I feel like this world can be so polarized at times. So black and white. And yes, we should have principles and convictions and absolutes.

But we don’t need to attack the ones who think differently.



It’s okay for me to say that I didn’t agree with many of Obama’s policies or decisions, but that I still think he is a man of incredible integrity. I can say that I don’t support his view on certain issues, and still stand in awe of the fact that he and his family carried themselves with such class and dignity over the past eight years, particularly in such a pressured, public role.

I don’t have to love everything or hate everything.

I can be in the middle.

And sometimes the middle is a fine place to be.



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