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Starting my timer, and … GO!


After six months with my editor, my memoir manuscript is back in my court — for more edits. And while the revision process can be viewed as a drag and a tedious, tiresome task, I can honestly say that I’ve come to appreciate the pain, sweat, and tears that go into such a process.


Because the end result is always better.

Laboring hard over a table of contents, a chapter, a paragraph, a sentence — all of these efforts and brain cells rubbing together make for a more polished and effective product in the end.

More than once, I’ve thought about how much the editing process can be compared to my ongoing sanctification as a Christian.

God is chipping away at me daily, leading me through fire and trials as appropriate, sanding down the rough edges until one day they’ll become polished and smooth in His presence.

[Tweet “He refines me — not only for my own good, but for His glory.”]

No, the refining process is never pleasant, whether we’re writing a book or walking through life.

But let’s keep our eyes on that end result, and learn to appreciate the fire.





Earlier this week I announced that I started a business last year, called Refine Services, LLC.

Refine Services

It’s been my privilege to serve a number of clients already, helping them refine their message and reach their target audience through various writing, editing, and virtual assistance projects.

Visit my website at www.refineservices.com to learn more about the services I offer, including social media management, consulting for self-published authors, book launch support, graphic design, and much more!

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If you or someone you know might need help with these fields of work, I’d love to chat!



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