This is Day 18 of 31 Days of Life in South Africa — a series in which every post has been written as a five-minute free write.

Today’s prompt is: TASTE.




My mother-in-law can cook. Like, really well.

Whenever we used to visit her in Cape Town, which was usually once every week or two, she would cook up these amazing meals and make it all seem so effortless. I would stand on the other side of the island in the kitchen and just watch her do her thing, taking mental notes and sometimes even written ones.

She was so gracious in teaching me the tricks of the trade.

I probably asked her six times how to make dombi, and even called her from home once or twice while in process, to make sure I was doing it right.  She taught me the secrets to stirring pap and how to make chakalaka.

How to spice snoek, how to deep fry vetkoek, and even how to make homemade droewors.

She made her own koeksisters, malva pudding and the most amazing peppermint crisp fridge tart.

We would talk recipes and watch cooking shows, and soon enough, her only granddaughter was hooked as well.  She would plop herself on the counter every time she was at Ouma’s, and ask to help.  She was fixated with the food shows — a treat at Ouma’s, since we’ve never had a TV — and now that she’s nine, she pretty much tells me what to do in the kitchen.

And looking back, I’m so aware of how gracious the Lord has been in giving me such a warm and welcoming mother in law.  A bridge across cultures, the Lord used the kitchen to unite two women, two generations — even three, now — who grew up doing things very differently at the stove and counter.

And I’m so grateful for the legacy that has so willingly been passed on.


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And psst .. I’ve got an added bonus for you today!  This milk tart recipe from Lisa-Jo Baker has become my absolute favorite, and today I’m sharing it with you!

Check out this post over at Lisa-Jo’s for pictures that will most definitely persuade you to make this, like, right now.


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