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It saddens me that the words, ‘satisfaction’ and ‘contentment’ seem so hard to come by these days.

We’re always craving more this or more that, and then when we get it, it still isn’t enough. We want bigger, better, newer, grander.

Last night at church the speaker reminded us of the way the Israelites moaned and grumbled through the Old Testament, even in spite of the Lord’s tremendous kindness and mercy to them — and how we are exactly the same.

How often to I simply stand in awe of the abundant goodness of God in my life? Not often enough.

He has given me exceedingly, abundantly more than all I could ever ask for or imagine.

When I catch myself whining for more this or more that, really I should be raising the bar for more gratitude.

More grace.

More kindness.

More joy.

More laughter.

More hope.

More trust.

More faith.

More compassion.

More love.

More patience.

More Jesus. 

More of Him, less of me.




“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” ~ Ephesians 3:20-21


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27 thoughts on “five minute friday :: more {plus an amazing, limited time deal!}

  1. Interesting serendipity. I have lately asked God (and it’s the topic of my FMF post this week) for more of what everyone else doesn’t want – more pain, and fatigue, and fight – so that maybe someone else doesn’t have to walk this road.

    Perhaps it’s a conceit that such a thing might be possible, but it’s at least a heartfelt conceit. I sure would not anyone to be me.

  2. Kate, such a great post. Yes, we want more, always a little bit more, right? Even our kids want more. More Legos. More pieces for their remote control car set. More friends. More popularity. Oh, that we can all see the beauty and healing that gratitude offers a “want-more” heart.

    Have a great weekend, friend!

  3. Seems one would need so much MORE time to take advantage of all the things in that bundle and MORE time is what everyone says they need to do MORE of the important things. Like spending MORE time with the Lord. MORE time with their family. MORE time in Sabbath rest. MORE time for soul-care. It seems all of this MORE creates (more) LESS of what we really need or want. Interesting. Extremely good word choice today!!! Perplexing pondering.

  4. So funny how sometimes a word hits you right where you are. And sometimes writing about hard things helps with perspective. I wrote a bit about grief and time in my post today, which might seem funny given the word. Sometimes we don’t even know the ‘more’ we really need. Thanks for hosting the link each week.

  5. This is my first time linking up with Five Minute Friday. What a great writing idea this week! And I am so with you, I need more of Jesus in my life!

    Patti @ Joy in the Middle

  6. Kate, I used that same verse about God doing “more than we can ask or imagine” in my post as well. It is an awesome truth. My asking and imagining are so minuscule in comparison to what God is already doing and longs to do. Thanks for this.


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