You’re invited!

The 3rd annual 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes is gearing up to kick off October 1st, and we want YOU to play along!

The brave, creative Christina Hubbard from is hosting the challenge this year, and it’s going to be the best yet!


five minute free writes


As we’ve done in the past, we’re joining the broader Write 31 Days community, hosted by Crystal Stine.

What’s 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, you ask? Head on over to Christina’s site for the full scoop, including three fun Choose Your Own Adventure options for the challenge!

One option to help you write for five minutes flat every day in October is to follow along with these provided prompts:



Who’s excited??

I’ve had so much fun doing Write 31 Days for the past three consecutive years. I hope you take up the challenge and join in as well! You might just surprise yourself! 😉

AND … to warm up your typing fingers and give them some pre-October conditioning, Christina is hosting a special edition link-up on Tuesday, September 20th!

Remember during #fmfparty on Twitter one week, how we said it would be fun to share our writing playlists?

Well, Christina is making it happen!

Read more here and get ready to join the What’s Your Groove Playlist Link-up next week!

So go ahead and subscribe to Christina’s weekly newsletter so you don’t miss out on any key info in the coming days and weeks, and follow her on Twitter for some #write31days updates and encouragement!

Write on, friends!



35 thoughts on “it’s back! here’s your invitation to join the challenge

  1. Kate – me too! I wasn’t into the social media, then have been on a kick trying to push myself and do more and be a better blogger. Sigh. I ordered the #PresentOverPerfect book because I need it. Really I just need to stop and breathe, and take my Bible and notebook outside again. When I did that, I could focus – even on the kids somehow. I guess His word calms the spirit..

    Thanks for hosting again. I love having the chance to let it flow and get my artsy on, haha!

  2. I am so excited about this year’s Write 31 Days; and the FMF free writes! This will be my 3rd year of the challenge, and the 2nd year for using these prompts. I have been really bad about participating with FMF this past year; but hopefully the challenge will get me back into the groove. I love challenging myself with the word prompts…

    BUT, now I may have to re-think what I had wanted to do!! After reading over the words…I’m going to have to really stretch it to be “In His Word” with the prompts!!! I was considering that…”31 Days in His Word” only using the prompt to jump-start the post!! OK, a few more days to think about it; with a retreat right at the start of the challenge, I’ll need to work ahead!

    Thank you for offering this again and look forward to reading everybody’s posts…now, to get busy!!

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