Some things just can’t be half baked.

The word “almost” doesn’t fit into certain boxes. It’s a square peg that just won’t work in a round hole.

It’s not possible to be “almost” pregnant. Either a person is pregnant, or they’re not.

In a similar way, we can’t be “almost” Christians. We might straddle the fence for a time, but there has to be a definitive landing on the side of Christ.

Jesus didn’t almost die on the cross, as some would like us to believe. God didn’t almost save us from our sins. That sin you committed yesterday? If you’re a believer in Jesus, you aren’t almost forgiven — you are forgiven. Totally and completely. Full stop.

Praise God, we don’t serve a Master who is almost able to save us. Jesus wasn’t almost resurrected. He rose again, and He is coming back.

The Bible urges us to stand firm in the faith, not to be wishy-washy, or blown about by every wind of doctrine.

Thank God for His complete, sufficient work in Christ.

It’s not almost done — it is finished.


Speaking of work being finished — WE DID IT!

31 Days logo - 2015We made it to the end of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes! Fistbumps for everyone!

THANK YOU to all who stayed the course, who wrote with us, and who kept coming back to read and comment! We appreciate you!!

If you’re looking for a summary of posts in this series, click here — and be sure to visit the blogs of other fabulous writers who took the challenge and linked up!




3 thoughts on “when “almost” doesn’t cut it {day 31 :: almost}

  1. Thank-you Kate for leading us through this endeavor. I found it very satisfying. I loved how it came right after your writing discussion. To more writing ahead!

  2. I’ve been curious, coming in so late to the 31 days of October….what you will be doing for November? Trying NaNoWriMo? I am! There’s non-fiction people, it’s free, forums, and face-to-face meetings at local places. I gave it a try on my own a couple years ago, and now doing it a little more formally. Got a lot done then, so hopefully this year I will too.

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