Silence is both friend and foe.

I long for it, and push it away. I relish and despise it.

Silence evokes such a vast cacophony of emotions:

.. the welcome silence when the kids are finally tucked into bed after a rambunctious day;

.. the comfortable silence on a long stretch of road, driver and passenger each lost and content in his own thoughts;

.. the unbridled silence of awe and wonder when taking in the sprawling grandeur of creation.


silence - unsplash


There’s the frustrating, lingering silence that seems to never end while waiting impatiently upon the Lord;

.. the anguishing silence that follows an offense — an icy and effective punishment;

.. the telling silence when the hesitation lasts just a millisecond too long;

.. the peaceful silence of just stopping to listen;

.. the painful silence when one remains behind.

Silence is calming and inflaming;

soothing and seething;

restful and infuriating.

It is insisted and resisted;

welcomed and rejected

.. for silence is both friend and foe.


This is Day 24 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, a series in which each post has been written in five minutes or less. For more posts in this collection, click here.


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