If you missed last week’s Five Minute Friday post, you missed a BIG announcement! HUGE!

It looked a little like this:


FMF Retreat 2015 logo


That’s right! The first ever Five Minute Friday Retreat is REALLY HAPPENING! I can hardly believe it myself .. 🙂

We were thrilled to receive such a positive response to last week’s announcement, and I for one, was totally charged by all the giddy vibes flying around the internet.

Now that you’ve had a bit of time to digest the excitement, here are a few more details you should know as you think and pray about joining us in August:

>>  I neglected to mention last week that this retreat will be a Ladies Only weekend. Apologies to the guys … we really do value your presence here and so appreciate the contributions you make to this community! Thank you for understanding.

>>  We’re calling this a “retreat” instead of a “conference” because that’s what it is .. a chilled getaway, designed for us to meet and fellowship in real life, with intentional, meaningful conversations. There will be some structure built into the schedule, but don’t come expecting the usual bloggers’ conference.


FMF Retreat 4
View from the FMF Retreat venue


>> Space is limited. As in, 30 people max. I know, I know .. that means that not everyone who wants to attend is going to be able to come. For one, we had no way of knowing how many people to expect before booking the venue, so we decided to play it safe rather than be sorry, from a financial perspective. Secondly, we’re purposely keeping numbers low for the sake of close-knit conversations and an intimate, relationship-building atmosphere. Again, our intention is not to be like other bloggers’ conferences that are available. We’re not going to be in a fancy hotel, split up into dozens or even hundreds of separate hotel rooms. Depending on numbers, you will likely need to share a bed with another attendee. But hey — we’re all sisters, right?

We’ve booked a single, spacious house that can accommodate a maximum of 30 people, and we’re so excited to see who the Lord has planned to attend!

We’ll announce the opening of registration in advance, and it will be on a first come, first served basis. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide refunds for cancellations, but if the need arises, you will be able to sell your ticket to another party.

Here’s a sneak peek of the retreat venue:


FMF Retreat 1

FMF Retreat 2

FMF Retreat 3


Who’s excited for August?!

But now … it’s time to write!

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is:

FMF - Plan


3 .. 2 .. 1 … GO.


I like to plan. I like to have a plan. Even if the plan isn’t mine, I like to know what the plan is.

It runs in my family. We’re all like that. List makers. We write our lists just to cross things off. We plan for Thanksgiving in September, and start thinking about next summer before this one has even ended.

We’re those kind of people.

The Lord knows that, and He takes many opportunities to snatch that desire for control right out from within my clenched fists. He yanks on the reins and reminds me that He is in the driver’s seat. And I squirm and wriggle and eventually concede, my eyebrows furrowed in resigned frustration.




And I know the verses, about how He knows the plans He has for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, and how a man plans his course, but the Lord determines His steps. I know that many are the plans in a man’s heart, but God’s purpose prevails.



And that’s all good and fine … until I can’t see the plan.

Which is pretty much always.

I’ve often said, “I don’t mind what’s around the corner, if only I could just *see* that far ahead! I just want to know what’s coming, so I can *plan* for it!”




But those are not His ways, and His ways are higher than mine. His thoughts are higher than mine. So I learn my lesson again and again, lean in hard and practice trust. Again. And then the next day, again. And again, until the plan is done, and He calls me home.

Which is the only part of The Plan I know is carved, by grace, in stone.

Your turn! Share your thoughts on the word PLAN in five minutes or less ..

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43 thoughts on “five minute friday :: plan

    • Hey there! Sorry for my delay in replying. We don’t have the exact price nailed down yet, but it will be under $200 for two nights of accommodation, and the following meals: Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch, and Sunday breakfast (Saturday dinner cost not included). Hope that’s helpful! Sorry I can’t be more precise, but hopefully we’ll have it settled very soon!

  1. I’m right there with you, Kate. It’s all fine and good until I can’t see The Plan. That’s when I freak out a little, and that’s when He puts His arm around me and reminds me who He is. “Ah, yes. You’re God. You run the universe. I guess You can handle this. Sorry.” I’m so glad He’s patient and loving. I would have given up on myself long ago…

  2. Oh I feel ya Kate! I’m the kind of list maker and planner who does something and then adds it to the list just to see it crossed off 🙂 I’m so glad God has a bigger plan for me than I can see or else I might get overly list crazed – Blessings lady – thanks (as always) for hosting – I love this blogging family here. And as much as I wish I could join the conference – maybe next year?!

  3. The retreat sounds amazing. I’m sure it will sell out fast. Sometimes i still wished I lived closer to the east coast this is one of those times it would make it easier to go.

  4. I believe it was Clausewitz who coined the maxim that no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

    True of all of our plans in this life…they all are changed by the reality that attends their implementation.

    But I think not, for God’s plans. Does He change them, to suit our growth when we surprise Him?

    I’d like to think so. I’d like to think of Him as a God of growth, whose perfection is dynamic.

  5. That looks like Pigeon Forge, TN? Is it? That would be awesomely close! I’m like you with planning – I want to – but I am realizing how can a fallible man create a perfect plan? Not happening in my world:( I’m a terrible passenger, but I’m learning to let God ride this drive!

  6. i’m even more excited about this retreat than i was! small is good:) getting to know 30 women bloggers well? i would love that! it’s a short ride from my home. i hope i don’t miss the opening of registration! sounds like a very fun time!

  7. I love how you say He yanks on the reins and reminds me that He is in the driver’s seat – he reminds me too again and again. The retreat looks lovely. I wish I could attend but New Zealand is just too far away.

  8. Being a planner by nature is not always good! We’re told to lean on him and not unto our own understanding, but I do it so automatically. Thank you for using the prompt PLAN today 🙂

    I have an inkling that the 30 spaces will be filled up in 2 weeks or less. So many people would love to go (I would!) and this might have to become a semi-regular retreat 🙂

  9. You and I are cut from the same cloth. I love to have a plan and work my plan. And oh, is it difficult when things don’t go according to my plan. Thank goodness the Lord is patient though, huh? He helps us by unbending each of our fingers with a gentle touch so that we can work on learning to follow His plan.

    Loved your post, Kate. And the retreat? Sounds so good! Definitely praying about attending!

  10. Great post, Kate. I’m going to share this one with my daughter because this is exactly where she is right now! Wanting to see around the corner!

    I’m new to Five-minute Fridays (just joined in last week), but am really enjoying it. Also interested in the retreat – it sounds great – but more likely to join the 2nd annual 🙂

  11. Oh I love this… I love that we used the same scripture and talked about how we both like lists and plans and oh my goodness how we are never really in charge after all! And that Retreat house? Gorgeous! With only 30 spots, I am not so sure I will make it but I will be praying for you all! I’m not completely counting it out but it requires a bit more planning to travel that far for me so I am guessing the spots will fill up immediately! Either way though – I am SO GLAD that we are doing this!

  12. I missed this weeks link up, but super excited you are having a retreat! I hope you have a marvelous time. Wish I was closer!
    God’s plans are always best and He makes the best plans. 😉

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