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Remember how I announced a few weeks ago that we’d be starting a new feature in our FMF posts called FMF Introductions? So far, I got to interview Asheritah Ciuciu from, and then Asheritah interviewed Kaitlyn Bouchillon, founder of #fmfpartysnailmail.

This week, Asheritah persuaded me to do a video interview with her. She swayed me with: “In all sisterly love, just get over your hatred of videos.” 🙂

So here I am humbling myself and sharing this latest video with you, of Asheritah with yours truly:



So, there you have it. Set your timers because this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is:


FMF - Keep.2



The air is bitter cold but sun sparkles on snow that fell silently in the night, and the concrete is covered in layers of sheer ice. It reminds me just how fleeting this world really is. This world and all that we hold so dear. It could all melt away tomorrow, or maybe it will crack and shatter. It’s slippery, this life. One misstep and we’re on our backs, flat and throbbing. No matter how good the tread on our boots, the ice wins and we fall. Hard.


Jude 1.24


It’s amazing how we can ease into a course of normalcy, of smooth sailing, confident that our vessel is indestructible, then suddenly crash! an iceberg, and the unsinkable lies at the bottom of the sea and we tread water, breathless.

One company merger and our job no longer exists; one strange symptom and we’re lying in an MRI machine, wondering how much time is left; one wrong electrical spark and our house is in ashes; one clump of attack cells and we’re shopping for wigs, the chemotherapy having stripped us of our hair.

It doesn’t take much to lose it all.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t keep this place. This stuff. This life.


Isaiah 26.3


In Him, we are kept.



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45 thoughts on “five minute friday :: keep {and a video interview}

  1. “…one strange symptom and we’re lying in an MRI machine…”

    This has been my reality for months. MRIs and anxious waiting, surgeries and pain and wondering WHY. But it is so, so true that God keeps us. He has held me close and kept me hidden in the cleft of the rock. I have seen His glory and while I don’t understand all of this, I understand that He never, ever leaves. Thank you for this!

    And cute video!

  2. Thanks for hosting FMF, Kate. This is my first time to join, and it was fun. I look forward to growing as a writer by joining in. Thank you for your true and beautiful words today. May they touch many hearts. He is able to keep us from falling when the world threatens to knock us flat on our back. (Can’t wait to watch the video!)

  3. Thank you for the reminder of the One who keeps us in His hand. And thank you for the video! It’s fun to put a voice to your words. 🙂 I’m glad I made it by this week. I’ve only participated a few times, but am always blessed when I do.

  4. I am so grateful He keeps us in His perfect peace. Wonderful prompt for this week.

    Both you & Asheritah do a wonderful job with the interviews. Grateful you took over this linkup. May God continue to use you & grow it – all for His glory & to the blessing of many!

  5. I’m struggling to get my comment on Joanne Viola’s blog. I keep getting this crazy error. (Luckily Joanne just posted a comment above, so perhaps she’ll see this and help me out.)

    Joanne, holler at me at bon @ mathfour dot com. Here’s the link to both the text of my comment and my screenshot of the error I’m getting:

    I was trying to log in with twitter and then with facebook.


  6. […] I have missed this (blogging) space this week. And it is good to be here again, joining the Five Minute Friday writing community who does just that – they keep me writing most Fridays! Five minutes of free-writing on a given topic. Certainly worth giving it a try: head over to Kate’s site to link up here. […]

  7. I just wrote my first Five-Minute Friday post. I will admit that I have now spent too much time fussing over it. That part of me is hard to let go. Next time, I will do better. However, perhaps more importantly, I just noticed that most of the posts are inspirational in nature. Mine, at best, might be considered motivational to some. Did I leap in and miss something?

    • Welcome, Brenda! We are thrilled to have you here with us! And to answer your question, the only “rules” for Five Minute Friday are to write for five minutes on the given prompt. We encourage participants to write it as a free write, meaning not stressing over spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Also, we love to see bloggers comment on the person’s blog who linked up before you. Other than that, all are welcome! It’s true that many participants are Christian, but that is definitely not a prerequisite to participate! Hope you enjoyed it and that you come back again and again!

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