Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of the Americans! Hope you’ve had a blessed time reflecting on God’s goodness.

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This week’s prompt is ..


FMF - Give


Ready? GO.

I have a ceramic platter from Dayspring that says, “Grateful for all God gives.” But it wasn’t until I was lifting the last bit of leftover turkey from the platter this afternoon that one word really stood out.


“Grateful for all God gives.”

Is that really true? Am I really grateful for all God gives?

Last night our church had a special Thanksgiving prayer meeting, where people shared what they are grateful for this year. I cried about five times. There were some hard stories. Some painful experiences.

But everyone gave thanks, in spite of their circumstances.

My husband stood up and said that he is thankful for everything. For good health and poor health. For happy times and sad times. For easy days and hardship. Because, he reasoned, if we didn’t have any difficulties and adversity, we wouldn’t be grateful for times of blessing.

And I had to wonder if that was really true for me. Do I really give thanks in all circumstances? Or just the ones I’m happy about?

The platter says, “Grateful for all God gives.” But sometimes He gives me situations I don’t want. Sometimes He gives me challenges I don’t think I can handle.



1 Thessalonians 5 says that God’s will is for me to give thanks in all circumstances. Even the hard ones.

And for that, I am grateful.

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20 thoughts on “five minute friday :: give

  1. I love that your church had a special prayer time for gratitude. This past Sunday the pastor at our church threw out the sermon and we spent the morning sharing what we were grateful for. Some stories I knew and some that were amazing to hear. God is good in and out of season.

  2. Kate, as I read your post this morning, my heart was so comforted. He truly does give His grace – over all & in all. Your words immediately brought to mind the song “His Grace is Enough” (Chris Tomlin) which is now blasting on my computer. So grateful He gives His grace & it. is. always. enough!

  3. Kate- the humble posture of your heart reveals that you are grateful for the One who will sustain you… more than any circumstances. The real danger is when we approach life with confidence in our own ability. Only His throne may we approach with confidence, expecting His grace to sustain us in life. Loved your well-crafted words and your message- as usual.

  4. I could picture you lingering over that word as you picked up the platter. It’s such a dare to do that. To give thanks in all things, perhaps not for all things of course – for evil, but to pause and give thanks for the Good God that is present with us in all things. In all things to walk beside us and never leave us alone. Your husband is right about adversity that it heightens the sweetness of the beautiful good. It’s stark contrast makes us cling to those moments of good when in our grasp. If there is anything that will make Heaven sweeter is it the heart achingly hard of now? Thank you for post!

  5. Love your post….it is so important to give thanks for everything we experience. Through that we learn humility and grace and so many other important lessons/qualities. [Am amazed to see so many eBooks popping up from fellow FMF-ers [and am continually IN AWE of the quality of ideas/writing on show every Friday (it’s become a highlight of my week!) – thank you for hosting….have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family xxx]

  6. Reading your post I realized…I don’t have a single platter tray in my house! I know, sad right? We are rebuilding a bit after a few financially rough years. But yesterday was amazing! We had our very own Thanksgiving lunch, complete with a real Tom turkey that we saved up to get! Oh it was simply so neat to see our kids excitement and then take the leftovers to a dear family in town. We are blessed. We have been given so much. Love this post friend. Thank you!

    Also, Kate…how can I get real, practical info on how to publish an ebook (cost, fees, step-by-step instructions?). I would love to look into this too!

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