Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of the Americans! Hope you’ve had a blessed time reflecting on God’s goodness.

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And that’s not all .. Anna over at GirlWithBlog.com released her first e-book recently as well! I’m so impressed with these Five Minute Friday ladies! Well done, Anna!

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Lastly, I’m gonna let you in on a little sneak peek of a project I’ve been working on. Lord willing, this Monday (December 1st), my first e-book, Letters to Grief, will be released!


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Right. Now that all the public service announcements are out of the way, let’s get writing! If you’re new here and don’t know what Five Minute Friday is all about, click here to read more.

This week’s prompt is ..


FMF - Give


Ready? GO.

I have a ceramic platter from Dayspring that says, “Grateful for all God gives.” But it wasn’t until I was lifting the last bit of leftover turkey from the platter this afternoon that one word really stood out.


“Grateful for all God gives.”

Is that really true? Am I really grateful for all God gives?

Last night our church had a special Thanksgiving prayer meeting, where people shared what they are grateful for this year. I cried about five times. There were some hard stories. Some painful experiences.

But everyone gave thanks, in spite of their circumstances.

My husband stood up and said that he is thankful for everything. For good health and poor health. For happy times and sad times. For easy days and hardship. Because, he reasoned, if we didn’t have any difficulties and adversity, we wouldn’t be grateful for times of blessing.

And I had to wonder if that was really true for me. Do I really give thanks in all circumstances? Or just the ones I’m happy about?

The platter says, “Grateful for all God gives.” But sometimes He gives me situations I don’t want. Sometimes He gives me challenges I don’t think I can handle.



1 Thessalonians 5 says that God’s will is for me to give thanks in all circumstances. Even the hard ones.

[Tweet “Over and above situations and circumstances, He gives grace, and grace sufficient. “]

And for that, I am grateful.

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