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Welcome to another week of Five Minute Friday!  Can’t believe this is already my eighth week hosting this precious community … Time flies when you’re having fun!  And you guys just never cease to amaze me with your brave, beautiful writing week after week.  I’m continually in awe over how the Lord can stir up so many avenues and ideas as we gather around a single word.

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The word of the week is ..


FMF - Because


On your mark, get set … GO.


I wore her ring this week.

The one with the sapphire featured in the center, with diamonds gathered like stars all around the midnight blue.

The one my dad gave her.  The one she still wore long after he left.

I wore it this week to remember.

But before I put it on, I panicked for a moment.

I thought I had lost it.

The ring, that is — not my mind.  This time.

I couldn’t even remember if I had brought it with me back across the ocean.  That’s what happens when a life is spread thin like a layer of butter over a french loaf, cut into a bunch of pieces and shared at a global table.

But I found it, and I slipped it on.  It still sparkles, the ring.  From the top, no one would know that the gold band is broken underneath — cut through and left jagged and sharp.   My sister had to cut it off my mom’s finger one day because of the side effects of the cancer.

But I wore it this week, to remember.  And I know I could get it welded back together, but I prefer it the way it is — sharp, and cutting into the fleshy part of my finger, where the crease meets the palm.



It reminds me of her suffering.  Of His suffering on the cross, even.  It reminds me to pray for the circle to be made whole, for Jesus to return, for all things to be made new.

Because only through Christ can the broken be made whole.




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67 thoughts on “five minute friday :: because

  1. Because I said so that’s why! I have said that more often than I care to remember. Because that little girl would get into all kinds of trouble. And sometimes it was deserved and a lot of the time, well it was because her mom was so stressed out that she took it out on the little one. Yep, that what happens because you make a poor choice and then are afraid to walk away before you say “I DO”.
    But I also know Because of God’s love and grace, this mom has grown into a whole different person. Because she had a praying momma who never stopped praying, never stopped loving no matter what. And she learned from her how to love and pray for that little one as she grew and became a mom of her own.
    And Because God is so awesome, well the grandson was confirmed this year. Because GOD is good!

  2. I am blessed enough to wear my mom’s and my Gran’s rings everyday….they fit perfectly.
    Hugs to you my friend! I hope you are at Allume next month so I can hug you in real life. My first Allume (2011) was a month after my mom died…..We will remember together!

  3. I wear my grandmother’s wedding rings and a pearl ring that she always wore with them. I was the only granddaughter and used to play with her rings when I was a little girl. So she always wanted me to have them. Such sweet memories of a woman who loved me unconditionally.

  4. What a thoughtful way to remember your mom–even in keeping the ring cut instead of welding it together.

    You’re such a sweet, sweet soul, and I’m blessed to know you through #fmfparty. Praying for you this week, friend, as you remember.

  5. This is so beautiful and so touching. I lost the diamond in my engagement ring just the week before my husband died. I look for it daily. But I still wear the thin gold band that his mother wore for 40 years before she got a new one. I love this thin gold band. It reminds me of a wonderful woman and the son she gave to me…..

  6. […] #FiveMinuteFriday is one of my favorite writing challenges. Each week we are given a word prompt and have five minutes to write our thoughts; no extreme editing or “punching up”. Just write for the love of the written word. Be blessed! […]

  7. […] As part of the challenge, I’ll be writing for only about five minutes each day (plus some time for pretty pictures and all that stuff). In preparation for my daily five-minute posts, I’m linking up with Five Minute Friday, now hosted by Kate Montague. […]

  8. Oh how I love your analogy of the beauty of the gems over the sharp, cutting metal parallels your mom’s graceful suffering. Such a profound illustration of how so many painful things in life are tucked between shiny, sparkly ones. Once again, your words strike a deep chord. Thanks for sharing your gift and your heart here.

  9. Initially I thought the sharp cutting into the fleshy part was in reference to the Word of God, but after rereading your post, I understood.

    I like that you will keep the ring the way it is because of it’s gentle reminder that there is beauty in brokenness.

    Thank you for the link up and the five minute challenge!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Kate, I haven’t gotten to comment yet but here I am! I am sorry about your mama…it was 12 years ago in May for me. In many ways we do adjust, but then, as we go through new & especially hard things, it stirs the grief. I missed my mom the most a year or so ago when I was at my lowest point overseas…but it is so good to walk it all with the pain and how it changes the contours of our story. Your mama would be & is so very, very proud of you. Oh, and I wear my mom’s engagement ring. She was buried in her wedding ring…I look down on the hard days and see her beloved hands 🙂

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