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Welcome to another week of Five Minute Friday!  Can’t believe this is already my eighth week hosting this precious community … Time flies when you’re having fun!  And you guys just never cease to amaze me with your brave, beautiful writing week after week.  I’m continually in awe over how the Lord can stir up so many avenues and ideas as we gather around a single word.

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It’s called 31 Days.

Every year in the month of October, the Nester hosts a 31 Day Challenge in which bloggers worldwide post on their blogs every. single. day.  For a whole month.

This year, I’m adding a little twist for all who’d like to join in … A bunch of us are doing 31 Days, but we’re planning to write all of our posts in just five minutes each.

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Just five minutes a day?

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The word of the week is ..


FMF - Because


On your mark, get set … GO.


I wore her ring this week.

The one with the sapphire featured in the center, with diamonds gathered like stars all around the midnight blue.

The one my dad gave her.  The one she still wore long after he left.

I wore it this week to remember.

But before I put it on, I panicked for a moment.

I thought I had lost it.

The ring, that is — not my mind.  This time.

I couldn’t even remember if I had brought it with me back across the ocean.  That’s what happens when a life is spread thin like a layer of butter over a french loaf, cut into a bunch of pieces and shared at a global table.

But I found it, and I slipped it on.  It still sparkles, the ring.  From the top, no one would know that the gold band is broken underneath — cut through and left jagged and sharp.   My sister had to cut it off my mom’s finger one day because of the side effects of the cancer.

But I wore it this week, to remember.  And I know I could get it welded back together, but I prefer it the way it is — sharp, and cutting into the fleshy part of my finger, where the crease meets the palm.



It reminds me of her suffering.  Of His suffering on the cross, even.  It reminds me to pray for the circle to be made whole, for Jesus to return, for all things to be made new.

Because only through Christ can the broken be made whole.




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