31 Books by Authors of Color

Welcome to the series, 31 Books by Authors of Color. This series is written in conjunction with the 2022 edition of the annual 31-Day Writing Challenge, hosted by Five Minute Friday. Learn more about the challenge here.     Within the 31-Day Writing Challenge, I offer an optional list of 31 one-word writing prompts for people to use throughout the month. Below is the list of prompts used as my Table of Contents for this series. I'll be posting my brief reviews for each of the 31 Books by Authors of Color on my personal Instagram profile. You can find me @katemotaung. As the...

All That We Carried: Book Review

I adored Erin Bartels' first book, We Hope for Better Things. It was gorgeous. As soon as I saw that her second book released, I snatched it up and devoured that one as well. While very different from her first novel, The Words Between Us was also delightful. So when I saw the announcement that her third novel was scheduled to release soon, I jumped at the opportunity to review an advance copy of All That We Carried. Affiliate links used in this post. Firstly, don't you just love the artwork on this cover?     All That We Carried by Erin Bartels is a novel about two very...

Books about Racial Equality and Racial Justice

Reading books (or listening to audio books) is a wonderful way to learn more about different perspectives, and to broaden your understanding of the experiences of other people. If you're looking to learn more about racial issues, here are some of my favorite books about racial equality and racial justice, listed in the order that I would recommend reading or listening to them.     Disclosure: Affiliate links have been used in this post, which means if you choose to click through to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.    The Myth of...

Bible Verses for Cancer Patients

At the end of 2019, my uncle was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo seven weeks of inpatient treatment at a cancer treatment center about three hours away. I didn't know if I would see him while he was gone, but I wanted to do something meaningful to encourage him during that difficult, uncertain time. So, I came up with 49 Bible verses for cancer patients and created handmade Bible verse cards for him to take with him -- one for each day he'd be away. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2002 and again in 2007, the Word of God carried me through her diagnosis and eventual...

50 Books by People of Color

Dear Fellow Reader, I believe in the power of words. I believe words can tear down, and words can build up. I also believe that both death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). In 2017, I was convicted by the fact that the vast majority of the books I read were written by white authors. So, in 2018 I intentionally read more books by people of color. However, I’m embarrassed to admit that out of the 12 books I read in 2018, only five were authored by people of color. I’m even more embarrassed to admit that I did not carry the same goal or intentionality into 2019. Of...

Books I Read in 2019 :: Book Recommendations for Your Reading List

Looking for book recommendations for your reading list? I've got you covered!  I'm only six months late with my annual "Books I Read This Year" post. Work was busy for me in December, then our family took a lovely vacation just after Christmas, and I decided to let myself off the hook from my self-imposed blog expectations and just enjoy our time away without any personal commitments. Then life happened, and here we are in June 2020.  Here's a complete list of books I read in 2019, including a few audiobooks. This post includes affiliate links to Amazon, which means if you decide to click...

Free Books to Read with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription {Free Trial Offer}

  Looking for free books to read? Sounds too good to be true unless you go to the library, right? Sign up for this free trial of the Kindle Unlimited Subscription from Amazon and start reading some amazing books for free! CLICK HERE TO START YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW Affiliate links used in this post.    And you know what makes this deal even better? You don't even need a Kindle to read these books for free! You can use a free Kindle reading app on just about any device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FREE KINDLE READING APP NOW I have the free...

Aching for Home {Guest Post by Gina Butz}

It's my pleasure to welcome author Gina Butz to the blog today in celebration of the release of her book, Making Peace with Change: Navigating Life's Messy Transitions with Honesty and Grace (affiliate links used in this post). I've known Gina as a member of the Five Minute Friday Writing Community, and we had the opportunity to meet in person at a writing conference when she was in the process of getting a book contract. Gina and I share the same publisher, so it's especially exciting for me to see her words in print:   CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ON AMAZON   Here's Gina:   ...

Books I Read in 2018 :: Special Edition Link-up

It's that time of the year! It's time to share a recap of the books I've read in the past 12 months. If you've created your own list, I invite you to share it either in the comments or by adding your list to the link-up using the blue button at the bottom of this post. I always love seeing what other people have been reading! Please note, the links in this post are affiliate links to Amazon. If you choose to click through and make a purchase I will receive a (very) small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you in advance for your support! >> PIN THIS << Click each title...

The Surprising Benefits of Losing Hope

“We’re out of options. There’s nothing left we can do.” We knew the day would come eventually—but that didn’t diminish the force of the blow. After four consecutive years of chemotherapy, my mom had run out of strains to try. Game over. I sat crumpled on one side of her queen-sized bed, my younger sister hunched over the other. Mom had put up one heck of a fight—but it wasn’t enough. At age 59, she had been defeated; the cancer had won. The bright lights on the final scoreboard taunted me in the silence of Mom’s bedroom that summer morning in 2011. I averted my eyes, searching for...

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