Welcome to the series, 31 Books by Authors of Color. This series is written in conjunction with the 2022 edition of the annual 31-Day Writing Challenge, hosted by Five Minute Friday. Learn more about the challenge here.


authors of color


Within the 31-Day Writing Challenge, I offer an optional list of 31 one-word writing prompts for people to use throughout the month. Below is the list of prompts used as my Table of Contents for this series.

I’ll be posting my brief reviews for each of the 31 Books by Authors of Color on my personal Instagram profile. You can find me @katemotaung.

As the series progresses, each post will be hyperlinked below for your convenience. Click each day to see the recommended books.

I hope you enjoy the series and find more books by authors of color to add to your list!

Table of Contents

Day 1: Way

Day 2: Give

Day 3: Coffee

Day 4: Never

Day 5: Other

Day 6: Crave

Day 7: Become

Day 8: Still

Day 9: Secret

Day 10: Between

Day 11: Idea

Day 12: Born

Day 13: Place

Day 14: Compromise

Day 15: Comfort

Day 16: Delight

Day 17: Together

Day 18: Little

Day 19: Always

Day 20: Lack

Day 21: Testimony

Day 22: True

Day 23: If

Day 24: Concrete

Day 25: Know

Day 26: Dream

Day 27: Hidden

Day 28: While

Day 29: Lost

Day 30: Yes

Day 31: Me

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