Legacy of Mercy is a historical novel by Christian fiction author Lynn Austin. It’s the sequel to Waves of Mercy, a novel about the early history of the Dutch settlers to Holland, Michigan — which happens to be my hometown!

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I so enjoyed the first book, Waves of Mercy, particularly as a current resident of Holland, Michigan. Not only was I fascinated to learn several true details of Holland’s history, the story itself was gripping and challenging.

After I finished, I found myself wanting to know what happened to the main characters, Anna, Derk, and Geesje.

When I heard that Lynn had written a sequel, I couldn’t wait to dig into Legacy of Mercy to find out how the characters’ stories had unfolded. It definitely did not disappoint!


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Lynn Austin


Legacy of Mercy is a delightful story about a wealthy young woman from Chicago who is engaged to marry an even wealthier young man in her social circle. The book follows her journey to discovering the truth about her biological parents, all while struggling to live out her fairly new Christian faith.

What will she discover about her past? How will it affect her future?

Find out by reading Waves of Mercy and Legacy of Mercy.


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Lynn Austin


While Waves of Mercy included more history about the original Dutch immigrants and interesting facts about the places mentioned in the story, Legacy of Mercy seemed more character-driven. The story does incorporate both Chicago and Holland as primary settings, but the main storyline focuses on the various characters involved, including new characters introduced in the sequel.

Legacy of Mercy wrestles with a number of faith-based moral issues. It challenges the reader to consider how their own faith plays out in various circumstances, and how their past and personal upbringing may affect their worldview and current relationships.

Overall, as with every other Lynn Austin book I’ve read, I really enjoyed this novel. Highly recommended!


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