Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, my hunch is that deep down, you long for connection. Maybe even crave it.

Am I right?

The reason I can say I’m pretty sure this is true about you is because I know where you come from. I know who made you, and how He did it.

What does this have to do with craving connection? Well, this creator God exists as three persons in one being—a holy trinity. He has perfect fellowship within Himself, as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—and like I said above, He created you in His image.

We’re designed for fellowship. For connection—with God, with friends, and with community.


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How to Cultivate the Connection You Crave


And guess what?

The community at (in)courage is hosting 5 Weeks of Craving Connection Challenges, and you’re invited!


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Join (in)courage for 5 Weeks of Craving Connection Challenges!

From the (in)courage website:

For five weeks we are inviting you to join us in completing challenges described in Craving Connection. Starting next Tuesday, February 7, we will share an excerpt from a chapter in the book, as well as some discussion questions and the challenge for that week. We’ll ask you to complete the challenge by Friday. (And, friends, we are SO EXCITED to hear how it turns out for you! We know God is going to show up big time!!) To encourage you in your weekly challenge, the author of each week’s chapter will join us every Thursday for a conversation on social media (stay tuned for info on these chats on both Facebook  and Instagram.)

Here’s the plan:

Tuesday, February 7: A Grand Blueprint for Hospitality by Jen Schmidt (page 256)
Tuesday, February 14: I Can’t Even by Amanda White (page 86)
Tuesday, February 21: A Safe Harbor by Robin Dance  (page 120)
Tuesday, February 28: He Knows and He Is Near by Eryn Hall (page 22)
Tuesday, March 7: Longing for Loyalty by Erin Mohring (page 128)
Tuesday, March 14: Time to wrap up and talk about what’s next!

There’s no need to sign up or join a group or anything, though you may want to subscribe to emails from (in)courage to be sure you don’t miss any of the posts. Just join us on the blog each Tuesday, carry out the challenge in your daily life during the week, catch a live chat with the authors each Thursday on Facebook, and know we’re here cheering you on!

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