“It’s not fair!” my insides screamed. My mom was only fifty years old. I was twenty-one and working over 8,000 miles away in South Africa when she got the diagnosis: breast cancer.

Fear clutched my lungs. Tears flowed as I heard about the surgeries from afar. The chemotherapy and radiation treatments she endured, along with all the hostile side effects, seemed like too much.

I thought God was being unjust. My mom deserved more. I made a mental list of all the reasons she shouldn’t have to suffer. She loved the Lord, and people. She had labored as a single mother for years, sacrificing her time and energy for my sister and me. Mom was a perpetual optimist, never complaining, always cheerful. Of all people, why would God allow this to happen to her?

My spiritual pulse went flat. I was supposed to be teaching college students about Jesus, but couldn’t bring myself to crack open the cover of my Bible. I couldn’t even make myself pray.

I wouldn’t have called it anger at the time. Experience in the church taught me that I wasn’t supposed to be angry toward God. But looking back, my spiritual apathy and neutrality during that period were symptoms of underlying animosity.

Through this experience, I learned three important steps to take when you’re angry with God.

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