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Ready? GO.

Two summers ago, we tore off all the wallpaper in our kitchen, dining room and entryway and painted the walls. Yes, it was a nightmare. My daughter asked if she could help me paint.

I said no.

This summer, she asked if we could paint the walls in her bedroom.

We said yes.

Again, she asked if she could help paint.

I tested the waters by letting her paint an old wooden train table that we got for free. She did a surprisingly good job.

Since she’s turning 11 next week (11!!), I thought I might as well let her give it a go. I told her I would do the trim and she could use the roller.

She was such a huge help. We had the perfect system. Trim, roll, trim, roll. It was like clockwork. She was such a great help that even when I had the chance to continue painting after she went to bed, I couldn’t bear to think of doing double the work without her.

I needed my sidekick.

It made me wonder:

Why are so many of us resistant to accepting help?

Is it a pride issue? Are we trying to prove to someone that we’ve got everything under control? Do we think we can do it better than they could?

As I thought about how often I turn down offers of help, I realized my own blindness. I am desperately in need of help every minute of every day.

Thank God I have a helper in Jesus who gives me life and breath and every good thing from above. Without Him, I can do nothing.



“The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.” ~Psalm 28:7


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