It was my privilege to be interviewed by Christa Threlfall for a series on her blog, Brown Sugar Toast. The series is called Dwelling Richly: An Interview Series on Studying the Bible. In my response, I share some habits that have helped me in my own Bible study and spiritual growth.



You can find the whole Dwelling Richly series by clicking here, including fantastic interviews with women like Jen Wilkin, Gloria Furman, Kristie Anyabwile, and Trillia Newbell.

In the interview, Christa asked me questions related to my personal Bible study habits, including:

  • Have you ever used accountability in the area of time in the Word? How? Did you find this profitable?
  • What has been your driest time spiritually and how did you overcome that period?
  • How did you make time for Bible study when your children were little?
  • How did you encourage a love for God’s Word in your children? Did you have a method for helping them learn how to study for themselves?
  • Any recommendations for Scripture memory? Meditation?


How would you answer these questions? Do you have any helpful tips you could share in the comments?

Find my answers to these questions by visiting my post in the Dwelling Richly series.