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This week’s prompt is:




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Before we begin, I have a fun invitation for you!

It’s an opportunity to SHARE the favorite Five Minute Friday post that you’ve written in an book compiled by FMF community member Susan Shipe

How cool is that? 


Five Minute Friday compilation book


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Here are some more details from Susan

Do you have a favorite FMF word prompt? I believe we all do! 

I am going to gather YOUR FAVORITES (one that YOU love and wrote) and put them into a book. I will be using CreateSpace, a 6×9 format. I would like a lot of them! 

If you have an image you can share with it, please include – if not, I will create an image. Kate Motaung and I have discussed this and all is good! 

If we sell any of the books on Amazon, all proceeds will go to a mission of Kate’s choice – as a thank you for being our faithful host and leader. 

Please email your entry to hopehearthome<at>gmail<dot>com and put in the subject line RE: FMF BOOK

I can’t wait to see the result!

xo Susan @HopeHeartHome


Thank you, Susan, for suggesting and running with this fun project!

Now it’s time to write! 

Ready? GO.

You wanna know what I love about this space? This glorious weekly gathering of brave bloggers? I love how God has knit us together into something far more than just online acquaintances.

I love that we can share in Andrew’s pain and suffering, even if it means easing his burden only a tad.

I love celebrating with Asheritah on news of her upcoming baby and book.

I love being able to pray for Jeanne after her knee surgery, and for Tara after her purse was stolen.

I love lifting up Mary as her 94-year-old dad prepares for a second surgery.

I love all of it, the hard and the happy. Because both are holy ground.

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We’re reaching out as an extension of our God, who graciously invites us to share in His sufferings and His glory.

Sometimes it’s scary, I know. Sometimes we’d much prefer to hide away and keep our troubles to ourselves, because who wants to burden someone else? Who wants to be exposed as weak and vulnerable?

Yet there’s an untold beauty in being upheld.

It’s a far greater blessing to share a story and be lifted up than to suffer or celebrate in silence.

So here’s to sharing.

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