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I have news. 

I’ve been waiting to tell you for a while, but didn’t really know how to let the cat out of the bag, or when would be the right time.

But more and more, this news is consuming my time and my concentration and my energy and well, basically my life, so I just couldn’t keep it inside any longer.

I signed a book contract.

(Here’s the back story, in case you missed it.)


Coming Soon!


It actually unfolded between September and November last year, and now I’m swimming in edits and revisions until I can’t see straight and everything is a complete blur.

So I’m calling on my favorite people in the whole world wide web, because you guys are just the best and I know you’ll have my back.

I need you to remind me what I’m sweating for. Remind me that it’s worth it. Remind me, like Kaitlyn Bouchillon says, that every story matters. Every story is a miracle.

And just by showing up here week after week, you prove to me that it’s true.

Your faithfulness and your accountability have kept me showing up, too, because I know we’re in this together.

Writing is a funny creature — it can bring untold satisfaction and immeasurable burden with the same breath.

A battle wages within as I sit in front of my screen, wondering whether the words I type are the right ones. And who really cares? And what’s the point? Questions become companions.

But we press on, because deep down we believe it’s worth it. More than that, we wonder how we could survive without it.

So this is me, showing up here with you and for you, cheering you on not from the sidelines, but from the frontlines. Together, and with God’s help, we can win the fight.



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Letters to Grief

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