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I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Christmas. Thanks for joining us for this special edition link-up!

Today we’re sharing the most memorable blog posts we read in 2015.

Which words stuck with you? Share in the comments, or by linking up your own list below!

Last year I posted the Ten Most Memorable Posts I Read in 2014Katie Reid reminded me about it and asked if I planned to do the same thing this year, so here we go!


First, my two favorite podcasts:

Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach by Ann Kroeker

Reclaiming a Redeemed Life by Holly Barrett


Happy New Year!


Let’s Not Play that Game by Bronwyn Lea

A wise piece standing up for the conviction that “no means no”

Big News, OR, Just Call Me Halle by Anna Whiston-Donaldson

This news from the author of Rare Bird was a complete surprise. God works in such mysterious ways.

The Story I Didn’t Want to Tell You (But I’m Sharing Anyway) by Asheritah Ciuciu

Such a powerful testimony from Asheritah about her childhood experience and how God has written each chapter for His glory.

Broken Warriors, Brave Warriors: Slaying Dragons of Tragedy & Suffering by Dalene Reyburn

Dragons and Dirt was one of the best books I read in 2015. This post shares an excerpt to whet your appetite.

The Video of Our Making it Home Webinar by Emily Wierenga

This link isn’t an actual blog post, but you don’t want to miss this webinar. The wise women who share here are rich in grace and encouragement. Such a refreshing, uplifting recording.

Mother’s Day for the Motherless Daughter by Lisa-Jo Baker

Lisa-Jo gets me every time she writes about motherless daughters. This post is no exception.

By Degrees – Living and Dying by Kara Tippetts

This post over at Mundane Faithfulness hit a little too close to home: “I listened to my husband make the impossible phone call this morning. He called hospice. He told him that his young wife was dying, but they already knew.”

How to Recover the Lost Art of Dying Well: What Kara Tippetts Taught Us by Ann Voskamp

The world lost a beautiful soul in March this year. I wrote about it here. Ann Voskamp weighed in with this beautiful tribute that will likely bring tears to your eyes.

Your Dying Spouse — Alone in the Fight by Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

Andrew has been a faithful member of the Five Minute Friday community. On this particular week in August, we paused to pray for Andrew, as he is battling a terminal illness. If nothing else, read the comments on this post and get a glimpse of what the Five Minute Friday crew is all about.

Twenty Years by Karen Brown

This post was actually written last year, but was shared with me in July this year. Such a wise, insightful reflection on twenty years of motherhood.  

To Spanx or Not to Spanx. That’s the Really Dumb Question by Dana Bowman

The “Most Hilarious Post” Award goes to Dana Bowman of Momsieblog. I dare you to read this without laughing hysterically. 


Join us on Wednesday, December 30th for another special link-up where we’ll be sharing books we read in 2015!


What were the most memorable blog posts or articles you read this past year?

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