Hello! Happy December to you! Can you believe we’re in our final month of 2015?!

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As we transition from fall into winter and find ourselves smack dab between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I thought it would be fun to write on the prompt:




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Ready? GO.

I grew up in west Michigan, where we have four distinct seasons.

We definitely get the long, harsh winters with more snow than most people really want to see or shovel, but then we’re treated to the most life-giving, green springs, with flowers blooming everywhere and birds making more frequent appearances. The slow transition into summer is glorious, as everyone starts to break out their flip flops and find their beach towels. We flock to the lake and park ourselves in the sand between dips in the usually cool water. Summer is glorious, and we relish it. Then fall comes quietly and subtly, in reds and oranges and yellows. We’re so mesmerized by the colors that we almost forget the impending coldness that will soon descend.

And now here we are, mere weeks away from Christmas, and the trees have no leaves. How quickly they disappeared, I think in amazement as I drive down the street.

I unpacked our Advent books the other day, and have been reminded of this season of waiting. This joyful anticipation as my kids count down for Christmas day. And I pray aloud that God would give us this same eager expectation for His second coming, even as we celebrate His first. That our excitement wouldn’t end on December 25th after the last gift has been unwrapped, but that we would continue to unwrap His unmatchable gift in every season — for all seasons are waiting seasons, until Jesus comes again.

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