Several years ago, I took my three-year-old daughter to the gym for some special time together in the pool. As we put our things in the locker room, my daughter suddenly started belting out the lyrics to a worship song she had heard at home earlier that day.


_From the lips of children and infants you


The rest of the locker room was virtually silent – full of women who didn’t know each other, going about their own business. My first instinct was to shush my little girl and her impromptu solo – but something stopped me.

I realized that many of the women around us probably hadn’t heard the good news of the gospel. A number of them likely didn’t attend church. I doubted that many of them listened to Christian radio. And yet here they were, in the most unlikely of places, hearing words of gospel truth in their ears – straight out of the mouth of a three-year-old.

Instead of giving in to my embarrassment, I let my daughter keep singing – and as she sang, I prayed that the words from her lips would penetrate the hearts of those who heard.

Then it dawned on me – if my daughter hadn’t learned the words to that worship song, she never would’ve sung it in the locker room.

It took an awkward situation to make me realize a simple truth: what goes in is what will come out.


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