If you asked me to draw a picture of true friendship, I would take up a pencil and sketch you this scene. I’d have to start with the background, of course, before you would see the main characters begin to take shape. First I’d outline how we came to be in such a state — my husband and me, that is. We’d been married no more than a year, doing campus ministry together at a college in Cape Town, raising our own financial support. The Lord blessed us with faithful supporters, and sustained our work through their generosity. A donation came on a monthly basis via international transfer, from a gracious couple in the United States.

We depended on those funds for our basic needs.

Then one month, there was a glitch in the banking transaction. I don’t remember all the details exactly, except that we knew we weren’t going to get “paid” that month. The deficit was significant, and we were sure the next several weeks would be a struggle.

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