In the film, Eat, Pray, Love, the main character, Liz Gilbert, decides to spend a year traveling to Italy, India and Bali. Before she leaves, she boxes up all of her worldly possessions and packs them into a rented storage unit. As the employee is about to close the garage door, Liz sighs and says forlornly, “My whole life fits into a 12×12 box.”

The mover rolls his eyes and remarks condescendingly, “Lady? You know how many times I hear people say that in a week? And most of ’em don’t come back for their ‘whole life.'”

I could’ve been Liz Gilbert in that scene.




I, too, have packed my “whole life” into a 12×12 storage unit, sighing as the door slammed closed.

A month before I turned twenty-one, I moved to Africa. In the next ten years, I moved nine more times, including another move back across the Atlantic. Needless to say, I’ve had my fair share of packing boxes and making decisions about worldly possessions.

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