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FMF - Turn


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Ready?  GO.



I glance at my watch and then at the growing queue for security check before hugging my goodbyes.  Yesterday I didn’t think we’d be here today, but here we are, bags packed with my black funeral dress folded on top.  I blink back tears and will my eyes to smile through them as I wave one more time, and turn away.  After clearing security, the others in the sea of people floating past me will turn back and wave again, and smile, and wave.  But I’m not one of them.  I muster up whatever strength remains, and walk forward, chin up in defiance of the tears.

I pass through passport control and make my way to the boarding gate, and there You are — waiting for me, milling about between occupied chairs.  You find me there, and Your presence calms my restless heart.  In fits and starts Your soft voice comforts me, and You hold me with your words in a moment that would’ve otherwise been deemed unbearable.  You wait with me until it’s time to board, and I sit down on the plane with a satisfied smile, because You showed up.  And You remind me that even as the leaves turn to brilliant crimsons and golds before they fall, so there is beauty even in death.


Updated to add: After this post was published and I read a few initial comments, I thought I should add that this piece reflects an experience that occurred over three years ago.  I realize now that the verb tense chosen caused some confusion — my apologies!  But thank you to all who have expressed such care and concern!  It is much appreciated.


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