It happens, sometimes.  Okay, it happens often.

I bite off a project that is far more than I can chew, and slowly, gradually, the train of motivation sputters and chokes until it runs out of steam and comes screeching to a halt in the middle of the tracks.

Project unfinished.

It happens, sometimes, like a month ago when my two boys went to a birthday party, and my eight-year-old daughter pleaded for “special girl time.”  I caved, and watched her coffee eyes widen in wonder as we entered the fabric store and took in all of its glory.  We cradled bolts of material in our arms like newborn babies, carefully deliberating which ones we would take home to nurture and enjoy.

At home the excitement levels soared, and we were ready to sew.  Never mind the fact that I had never used a pattern before … her doll wanted a new dress.  Or maybe it was that she wanted a new dress for her doll.

Either way, we set to work, and that’s when reality set in.

All that effort, all the labor that had to be put forth before the actual sewing could begin, and how on earth do these patterns work, anyway?

The ironing, the cutting, the measuring, the reading of instructions, the watching of countless You Tube clips to try to figure it all out.

And I just plain ran out of steam before the sewing machine even had a chance to stitch a single thread.

“I’m sorry, my girl.  I just can’t figure it out.”

And her shoulders slumped in disappointment, but, “It’s okay.”

So I took to painting the dining room instead, and for two weeks the fabric lay abandoned, until, “Mom, it’s my doll’s birthday tomorrow, and don’t you think we could try to finish the dress?”

Fresh wind.Doll dress

So I called in back-up, and watched more You Tube, and well, it’s not perfect, but we did it.

We finished.

And as I admired our work, I couldn’t help but think of the Lord and His persistent grace, that He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it.





As many of you know, for over a year I’ve taken part in (and absolutely loved) Five Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s place.  She started it as a way for women to encourage one another in free writing, and to gather and connect online.

Each week on Thursday nights for the past four years (!!), Lisa-Jo has given a one word prompt, and participants write for five minutes on their own blogs, then link up over at her site to share their words with the world.

After four years of faithful commitment and amazing encouragement, Lisa-Jo has decided it’s time to pass on the baton.

In a gamble of grace (to borrow a phrase coined by Meredith Bernard), Lisa-Jo has invited me to take over Five Minute Friday on this blog.

To say that I’m humbled and honored is a huge understatement, and I take this opportunity with the trembling hands of a new mother wanting the very best for this swaddled, adopted gift.

Next week (July 31st) will be Lisa-Jo’s last week hosting Five Minute Friday at her blog, and the following week (August 7th), I’ll be cradling and rocking the gift over here as we all adjust to our new surroundings.

BridgeFor those who have been involved and committed to Five Minute Friday over the years, this transition will likely be a melancholy one.  A bittersweet finale to a much-loved chapter.

My hope and prayer is that even in this new space, Five Minute Friday and its amazing community will grow from strength to strength, to the glory of God.

A huge thank you to Lisa-Jo for entrusting this community to me, and thank you in advance to those willing to extend grace as we hold hands and walk over this bridge together.

May He who began a good work be faithful to complete it.