The Easter Donkey is a lovely children’s book written by Donna Thornton, illustrated by Lynne Pryor, and published by Ambassador International.


Easter Donkey cover

It’s a story about a donkey named Drupelet who gets chosen to play a role in a reenactment of Palm Sunday, then witnesses the sadness and mourning of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday at a local church before seeing the joy of the resurrection celebration on Easter Sunday.

What I appreciate about this book is the portrayal of the sadness before the joy.  Without the cross, there would have been no resurrection.  Without the mourning, there can be no joy.  Without repentance, there can be no forgiveness.  Without the atonement, we would have no hope.

This book helps children to realize a fuller picture of the Easter story, and to appreciate Jesus’ work on the cross.

In a culture where most holidays are promoted from a secular point of view and the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus have become the main points of focus, I am all for books that emphasize the true reason for the season.

Having said that, The Easter Donkey is a book that could be read all year long, not only during Easter.  As Christian parents, we would do well to surround our children with books that tell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection throughout the year, as the reason for our hope should permeate our everyday — not only when we let them hunt for eggs or wear their Easter dresses.

I would recommend this book for children in preschool and early elementary.  While the illustrations were sweet, in my personal opinion as a lover of watercolor, they did not take my breath away.

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I received a free copy of The Easter Donkey from Ambassador International in exchange for my honest review.

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