Today I’m celebrating with Emily Wierenga on the release of her new novel, A Promise in Pieces.



I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of this book, and it is delightful.  While Emily has written several non-fiction books, this is her first published fiction work, and her voice is perfect for the story.

I enjoyed it so much, I wrote a previous post about the book as soon as I finished reading, because I just couldn’t wait until launch day to tell you about it:

“With masterful grace, Emily carries her reader along as on a raft drifting down a winding, lazy river.  Her soothing voice flows with a current so gentle, you’ll be disappointed when your boat reaches the shore.”

I also wrote a review for Ungrind Webzine, which can be found here:

In my review, I’ll tell you that

“A Promise in Pieces is not only a beautifully written book — it also challenged me to consider ways in which I am clinging too tightly to those I love, as if I have the power to protect or save. Clara’s story made me realize afresh that not only does God hold the key to every car in the parking lot and on the road, but He alone holds the key to life and death — and despite our valiant efforts, only He can save.”




Also, over at Emily’s, not only can you watch a video about why she wrote the book, but she is also hosting a lovely giveaway this week.

Won’t you join us over there?