It’s March in Michigan, and after a long, harsh winter, the heaps of snow are finally diminishing.  After nearly forgetting what grass and tarmac look like, we are starting to see the roads again, and they can be summed up with one word:



Not just here and there, scattered and interspersed.  They’re everywhere.  And they’re unavoidable.


The other day I was driving on a particular stretch of road, and a yellow diagonal sign with two orange flags protruding from the top warned me:


Indeed, it was.  Not just the usual couplets and trios of potholes strung together, but an infestation, a pandemic.  I checked my rearview mirror after the onslaught to see if there were any stray hubcaps trailing behind me as carnage.

Well, at least they had the courtesy to warn us, I thought afterwards.  I don’t recall ever seeing a ROUGH ROAD sign anywhere else.

Granted, by the time I saw the sign, there wasn’t anything I could do to avoid it.  I still had to drive right through the minefield, hoping to emerge at the other end in one piece.

Then I thought, Wouldn’t it be nice if God gave us warnings in advance of the rough roads that lie ahead?

But, as usual, the Lord soon corrected my thinking by reminding me that He does.  He does warn us about the rough stretches of road, the ones with even more potholes than usual.

In John 16:33, He promises, “In this world you will have trouble.”

The road will be bumpy.  There will be jarring potholes that you and I will have to drive through.  If we want to get home, we will have to take that route, and the earth has not yet been renewed, the potholes have not yet been filled.

But there is hope, Jesus says.  Yes, in this world we will have trouble, “But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

We can grip the steering wheel with confidence, knowing that even though the ride may be uncomfortable for a while, He will lead us home.

Photo credit: Katie Tegtmeyer