As I type this, a live broadcast of the memorial service for Nelson Mandela is streaming through my laptop speakers.  My screen has been flooded and inundated with tributes, quotes, images, broadcasts and expressed emotions paying tribute to a man used by God to change the course of a nation.

Here are a few links to comments and reflections from personal friends, both white South Africans who acknowledge the providence of God in the life and impact of Nelson Mandela:

First, a word from our pastor in Cape Town:

The Providence of God in the Life of Nelson Mandela

Here is Bronwyn Lea‘s account of her experience growing up in the heart of South African change:

Farewell Madiba

And another reflection from Bronwyn posted on Think Christian:

Nelson Mandela and God’s Providential Purpose

This flash mob by the Soweto Gospel Choir in a South African grocery store caused tears to well up in my eyes:

A beautiful flash mob in honour or Tata Madiba

And because I lacked words to express sufficient gratitude to God for using Mandela as He did, the best I could come up with was to honor him and ultimately the Lord with photographs I’ve taken over the years demonstrating the beauty of God’s creation in South Africa, and the peace that has been wrought to a country that could have crumbled:

South Africa – A Photographic Tribute

May the Lord raise up more leaders to sustain His work not only in South Africa, but from every tongue, tribe and nation.