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You are hardwired for hope.  You don’t live by instinct.  Every decision you make is fueled by and motivated by hope.  Your happiest moments are about hope fulfilled, and your saddest moments are about hope dashed.

You’re always hoping.

If Isaiah 59 is all about hope, we need to define it.  There are four important elements.

First: hope is an object and an expectation.  You’re hoping in something and asking that something to deliver.

Second: the doorway to hope is hopelessness.  The only way you will ever find true hope is to give up on all your false hopes.

Third: hope, to be reliable, must fix what is broken.  Hope must successfully address the biggest dilemmas of our existence, otherwise it isn’t worth hoping in.

And fourth: hope is a Person, and his name is Jesus.  Hope is not a situation; hope is not a location; hope is not an experience.

Hope is a Person …

This Advent season, don’t search for hope in your situations or circumstances or relationships.

Hope will never be found horizontally.

Hope has already come, and his name is Jesus.”

~ Excerpts from an Advent Meditation on Isaiah 59, by Paul David Tripp